This past weekend Chris went out of town to a Freemason conference and left us girls to our own devices for a full 3 days!

At first I was a little worried. I knew the daytimes would be no problem – we’re alone together all the time! But the nights have been particularly difficult lately and Chris and I have a good split worked out so we can both try to catch a few Zzzz’s every night. I was worried that without a partner, I was going to be spending 2 full nights wide awake (and alone!) with fussy babies.

Luckily, things worked out as a nice happy-medium. Two reasonable nights (read: at least 5 solid hours of sleep). In my opinion it was better than 1 great night and 1 terrible night! And we had plenty planned so our days would be full. Here’s a look at what we did…


Although Chris left on Friday morning, it didn’t affect me too much. Since I’m in the middle of dissertation-writing hell, I’d cheated and booked a babysitter from 10-3pm on Friday so I could get some work done. It also alleviated some of the daytime baby stuff I usually attend to (and – as it turns out – both babies pooped on her watch! Score! lol!)

When I got home we played, read books, and did the normal nighttime routine. Babies were in bed by about 8pm.


That was the “worse” night of the two (and still it wasn’t too bad overall). The girls woke up 3 times and only 1 time was for an extended period. Brooke was up from 12-1:30am. At that point I gave her a small bottle (4 oz.) and she went right back to sleep. We almost never give the babies bottles if they wake up at night, but I think Brooke has been going through a growth spurt. This happened earlier in the week, too, and the only thing to get her to stop crying was food.


We did our usual morning routine. After their morning nap  (about 11 am) I packed both girls up to take to the Tucson Book Festival event that was happening. I drove to campus (where it’s held), but found that the 2 closest parking garages were full. It was also drizzling on us the whole way there. Since it was cold, drizzly, and it looked like the closest parking was going to be quite far away, I nixed the plan. Instead, we headed to Sprouts to get some grocery items I’ve been needing. I put the girls in their stroller and used a hand-held basket to hold the items I needed. We got back home just in time for their afternoon nap (at 1pm).


After they woke up and ate more food, I packed the girls up and headed out again. This time we went to go shopping for baby clothes. Up until this point we’ve generously been gifted 100% of the clothing we’ve had. Seriously! We got a bunch of hand-me-downs from Trever & Jenna (my bro & sis-in-law), as well as from our neighbors (who have twin girls 1 year older than ours). With all the hand-me-downs and new items that we were gifted for showers, Christmas, etc., we have literally never bought any clothing items for the girls! But we’re coming close to running out of things that fit and I wanted some fun things for the upcoming holidays (St. Patrick’s Day and Easter), so we ran some errands. I got things for Easter baskets and we got some cute clothes and accessories.

When we got back home, at about 5, I prepped dinner for myself and fed the girls some solids. I ate dinner at 6, then got the girls’ bottles ready for them at 6:30. We played until they passed out of exhaustion at about 8:30pm.


This night was a breeze! Brooke woke up again around 11pm. At first I was worried because her crying had waken up Bailey and both babies were crying in their cribs. Luckily, as soon as I removed Brooke from the room Bailey put herself back to sleep. I let Brooke sleep in the swing in the living room (strapped in….I know this is still considered “bad” but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do with twins!) She went back to sleep and slept until 5am, which was when she officially woke up for the day.


I tried to get Brooke to rest a bit longer (their normal wake-up isn’t until around 6:30), but she wasn’t having it. Since Bailey was still sleeping and I didn’t want her to wake up, I brought Brooke into my bed and cuddled with her until about 6:15am, at which point she was over it!

I made some bottles and got us ready for our day. We had a dance-a-thon, read some books, and ate solids. Nap from 9-10:30. Then the girls got up, ate at 11, and we headed over to the gym at the JCC (which is also where they go to daycare) by about 11:45. I worked out for an hour while they were in childcare then we came home and immediately got ready to head to the zoo to meet another twin Mom friend!


We walked around letting the kids look at animals while chatting. We were there from about 1:30-2:45. Raced home with babies starting to fuss (HUNGRY!!!) and was surprised that Dad had made it home early (we weren’t expecting him until early evening).

The girls were all smiles – very excited to see “dadadadada!!!!”

And I was very excited that he’d already cleaned the kitchen and folded the laundry I’d had sitting in the dryer : )

We spend the rest of the afternoon playing with babies and enjoying time together.


Overall, the weekend went better than I’d imagined. Nights are definitely easier when they’re shared with another person, but we all survived and even managed to have a lot of fun!