Jennifer Mockler – HELP ME!!! I *STILL* cannot get my ipad to somehow sync my pics with my computer! Ugh! I finally caved and just went through the long process of emailing myself pics then opening and saving on my computer so I could share them here today. E-mail or text me and tell me what to do (you know…..if you haven’t gone into labor yet or anything)!! ; )

Okay, okay, so I don’t know that 2 1/2 months ago can really count as “throwback” but babies change so quickly that it seems like a loooong time ago! So here are some of my ipad pics documenting the girls’ growth!


Brooke learned to roll over first! Here she is on one of her first roll-overs while in the bouncy seat. She’s full of smiles looking back at me, “Moooooooom – I can SEEEEEEEE  yooooouuuu!!!!!” Now they’re strapped in 24/7. They’re not to be trusted! : )


Bailey in her pre-helmet days. Smiling because she can see herself in the iPad, and Mom’s making silly faces.


Dad is cuddling with Miss Brooke. His body temperature naturally runs a bit hotter than normal, so at bedtime we joke that all he has to do is hold the babies and the heat “cooks” them into a comfortable state where they fall asleep peacefully. Now if we’ve got a fussy baby I’ll just ask, “Hey, wanna cook a baby?” He knows what I mean ; )

feb2Miss Bailey was the first to really discover her feet! They’re old news by now, but this was one of the first times she was really checking out her little toes and I was able to capture it on camera. Sweet babies!

Stay tuned – I’ve got another post in the works about what I was up to over the weekend (Spoiler alert:  Dad was away so it was a full GIRLS’ weekend just by ourselves!!!)