Ok. I don’t want to sound dramatic. But I am reaaaaaaallly struggling lately.

I try to keep the blog mostly happy-la-la. But that is NOT how we (as a family) have been feeling lately. I’m sorry if this is getting old and repetitive, but we are sick…again. We have basically been sick non-stop since the first week of January. This week, alone, we’ve been to the doctors’ office twice (and its only Wednesday!) last week we also went twice, the week before we were there again, etc.

You should see the arsenal of baby-sickness products we have. To name a few:  a humidifier, Vicks baby rub, Vicks wall plug-in, a battery-powered bugger-sucker thing (this thing), a regular bugger-sucker thing (bulb syringe), baby tylenol (for fevers), a giant thing of Boogie Wipes (see here), saline drops, and on and on.

And its not just the babies – its the adults, too! Chris just barely recovered from a bad sinus infection, but I’ve been battling a cold for basically the whole time the babies have been sick. And NO ONE is sleeping. The babies can’t breathe at night so they scream/cry and we have to get them up and start in on our arsenal of tricks (saline drops, nose suction, running a hot shower and holding them in the steamy bathroom, holding them upright, etc etc etc). It is absolutely exhausting!

All of this started right when we started daycare. The babies had literally NEVER been sick a single time prior to starting daycare and have been sick non-stop since then.

I’m at my wits end. What do I do? We signed a contract with the daycare (6 month minimum – locked in until June). Do I try to talk to the director and see if we can break the contract, in which case we’d have to hire an in-house nanny? Or do I wait it out? The Arizona news has reported that incidents of flu are way down, and cold season is supposed to end in March. If we wait it out one more month will things get better? Or is this to be expected for pretty much the entire time the babies are in daycare? Some people have told me to expect babies to be sick for up to 3 months…but some people have said up to 6 months! I honestly can’t handle 6 months of this!!!

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!

***Edited to add: I also want to say that I really, really like our daycare. I think its a great one – clean, very kind and engaging teachers, lots of personal attention and activities, etc. So I don’t think its a problem with our specific daycare….moreso just daycares in general. I just wanted to clarify because I really like where the girls go!