This past weekend we had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather! It was sunny and 70* – perfect for a day at the park! I’d wanted to do a picnic style park date, but there simply wasn’t time, so I decided a quick trip was better than nothing. The whole family (all 5 of us – including Rocky) loaded up in the car and headed to Reid Park. Chris took Rocky to the dog park to burn off some energy while I walked the girls around the little man-made “lake” (more of a large pond, really). Bailey ended up napping throughout most of it so I let her be, but Brooke really seemed interested in what was going on. I couldn’t wait to take her out of her carseat and show her the duckies and the water. It was so much fun! And after Chris made sure Rocky was thoroughly exercised, they joined us, too!


See Rocky, bottom right?


I was showing Brooke the “water” and the “ducks.” They’re really soaking in new information and just seem so curious and excited to see nature!


Beautiful, sunny day!


Maybe over summer (once the girls are a bit bigger) we can go on the train ride!!!IMAG3579 IMAG3581Not a bad view for a Sunday afternoon!