Well, Bailey’s got her helmet! (aka:  “Princess Crown”)

IMAG3572And…she doesn’t seem to mind it too much!

I thought when we got it that she’s be wearing it 23/7 from then on (they let you take it off an hour a day for bath time and to clean the helmet). But, luckily, I was wrong! There’s a whole gradual stepping up process. The first day she only wore it for 3 hours, the next day it was 6 hours, the next day it was 8 hours, etc.

Last night was the first night that she had to wear it overnight and it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped (she’s napped in it without incident so I was surprised she had a problem with it overnight!?) So needless to say, I basically pulled an all-nighter last night. Let me tell you – it was ROUGH! I am NOT the type to pull all-nighters. I have always done big work or school projects ahead of time so I’ve never been caught in a position where I have to study and/or work all night long in order to meet a deadline. It’s not in my Type-A personality. So I am quite accustomed to SLEEP and quite UNACCUSTOMED to being awake all.night.long.

Aside from the overnight issues, though, she really doesn’t seem to mind it! She doesn’t fuss when we put it on and she’s really totally unperturbed by it 99% of the time. She gets another little “break” from wearing it today, but then starting tomorrow we’ll be in the 23/7 category (wearing it 23 hours a day, 7 days a week). We don’t know how long she’ll have to wear it for, and won’t know for awhile. It really depends on how quickly her head is growing and how well it responds to the helmet’s shaping abilities. So for now, we just wait and see. I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be on the shorter side of things (2-3 months?!?), but there’s the possibility it could be up to 6 months. It makes me nervous about the summer months because – since it sits on top of her head it traps a lot of heat and there are potential overheating issues during the summer months. Have I mentioned we don’t have central A/C in our house? Yeah…..we have a swamp cooler, but summer months are pretty brutal. I’m hoping it will be off by then so we won’t have to worry about that. One day at a time.

In the meantime, I’m just happy that she’s taken to it so well. And I’m crossing my fingers that tonight will go better than last night. Otherwise, I may be making calls to hire a night nanny temporarily so I can get some SLEEP!!!!