I feel lucky that I’ve always been relatively close with my Mom. I say “relatively” because, of course, there were the “tough” years in middle and high school where your Mom feels like the most uncool person in the world whom you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with.

But those years were short and toward the end of my High School years I was back to being pretty close with my Mom. We even went to a couple concerts together – just her and I. One of my favorites was to see Phil Vassar. He had a couple big songs at the time, but he’s most well known for his songwriting abilities. You probably know MANY of his songs – they just aren’t sung by him! (he sells them to other people to sing).

Anyway, he’s a great pianist and I remember from his concert that he’d often accompany himself on the piano while he sang. There was one song, in particular, that I really loved – “Just Another Day in Paradise.” It’s all about the typical American family. Meaning…it’s not perfect, but it’s still beautiful.

I was reminded of this song on Valentine’s Day of this year. I’d had big plans for the day. I dropped the girls off at 8am at daycare so I could get to my class (I teach on Tues/Thurs from 8:40-11:40). Immediately after, I had several errands to run and I wanted to get a chance to make a fancy, elaborate dinner – the first in many months! Our meals now are all typically very fast, easy meals. I just don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen like I used to. But, unfortunately, time got away from me. Errands took longer than expected and I had to pick the girls up at 3:00 from daycare so I could get them to the doctors’ office for some vaccinations. The fancy, elaborate dinner I’d planned didn’t happen.

Instead? The song lyrics say, “Plan B looks like Dominos Pizza in the Candlelight.” Well…even that was a little too involved for us. We ordered Pizza Hut and just ate under the regular kitchen light. Very different from our Valentine’s Days in the past few years, but still perfect in its own way. We got to spend it all together and, really, it was “just another day in paradise.”

I even got some pretty flowers:


And, amidst other errands, I managed to stop at a bakery to pick up some Valentine’s cupcakes (had to give some away! Don’t know WHAT I was thinking buying 6!?!) At least we had a delicious dessert to finish up our gourmet Pizza Hut Valentine’s dinner! : )IMAG3574