I am so sad because I’m 100% sure I’ve somehow lost a bunch of photos. Remember when I talked about the girls in their little bear outfits? I know – for a fact – that I’d taken photos of the girls in the outfits. But I can’t find the pictures anywhere! I’ve checked my phone, camera, and ipad (the 3 places it might be) and it’s nowhere to be found. There are also absolutely adorable photos of them in some custom-ordered long johns that their Mamaw bought them for Christmas (with their names embroidered on their booties!!!) and they’re lost too! Who knows what other photos have disappeared, but those are the two I KNOW I took that are now gone without a trace.

But – no worries – it was very cold this week so I bundled the girls up their bear outfits and got some new photos. And hopefully they still fit in their long johns! I’ll try to get a photo of that, too! But I’ll let the pictures do the talking….

IMAG3462Here we are at Red Lobster (hadn’t been in years and was NOT impressed….probably won’t be back). It was exciting because this was the FIRST TIME that Chris and I took the girls out for lunch EVER since the girls have been born (this photo was from January 11th, so they were over 6 months old!!!) We’ve taken them to breakfast a handfull of times but have still never attempted dinner since it coincides with bath time, their dinner time, and also their fussy time of day. Breakfasts are the easiest time for us but lunches work okay if we time them correctly. It can be a logistical nightmare to try to find someplace that will accommodate us. I like places with big booths so we can just put their car seats in the booth next to us. But at this lunch we just kept the girls in their stroller and it worked great! Maybe we’ll do it more often!?

IMAG3467Here we were at the mall!!! First time to the mall with the girls! Now that we’ve got pretty solid schedules worked out, everything is so much easier!!! And the babies love stroller rides so they act like angels the entire time! That’s Brooke in the back and Bailey in the front, January 14th.

IMAG3473Both babies are grabbing their feet -out-of-control- all the time now! This photo is from early January when Bailey was first starting to do lots of toe grabs.

IMAG3517Here’s Brooke, alternating between toe-grabs and toy-grabs.

IMAG3523Sad baby is still a cute baby! (Brooke)

IMAG3528The other baby. Curled up on the couch with his head on the arm-rest. He’s also laying upon a pillow. He’s always gotta be in the most comfortable position possible. : )



Babies are messy eaters!!! Here’s Bailey sampling a mashed strawberry-banana mixture. They really do love their solids!

IMAG3546 IMAG3545Babies doing tummy time! They hold hands, smile, and “talk” (babble) to each other. Then they’ll start laughing at the others’ jokes and its got to be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!

IMAG3549Sweet sisters!

IMAG3554 IMAG3553

Getting all bundled up for our weekly Mom walk – we meet a friend and her baby and walk around the Rillito River path (shout out LaShuna! : )) This past week was chilly so I bundled the girls up in little coats and hats. Loved Bailey’s little piggy hat!!

IMAG3552And, as promised…

IMAG3558Bear Photos!!!! It was so cold that they were all bundled up so I didn’t get a good full-body picture, but you can tell there are little ears on the hood. I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for hats/hoods with ears, but I think they are among some of the most precious things I’ve ever seen!!!

IMAG3562Bailey is in front, Brooke in the back.

IMAG3565Precious babies!

Now if you’ll just go back to sleeping through the night that would be greeeeeaaaaaaat! Mkay?