First – I think we’re mostly all better…finally! I say “mostly” because Chris is still sick. But I convinced him to go to a doctor so he’s finally got some medicine and should hopefully feel better within a couple of days! Meanwhile, I’m still trying to catch up on lost sleep from all the sleepless nights since the babies were up A LOT while they were sick, and Chris has been tossing & turning like crazy too. It’s still a struggle. But we’re strong and we’re survivors. I love our little babies but – seriously – taking care of two babies is HARD! For real. Add in a sick husband (& sick babies!) plus trying to teach a class, do research, and finish my dissertation and you’re talking about one of the biggest metaphorical mountains I’ve ever had to climb. It’s h.a.r.d. But I sure do love ’em and they’re definitely worth it!

That aside, I wanted to share a little story….

My husband is the big, burly, man’s man type of guy. He’s stubborn and strong-willed. He won’t let people tell him what to do and he can certainly have an attitude if he thinks  someone is trying to do him wrong. And at the same time he is one of the kindest, most good-hearted people I know. I like to attribute it to being a “Texan” thing (southern gentleman and all that), but maybe its an inherited personality trait from his Mom? Who knows?

Anyway, he would never share this story himself – he’s not the type to brag when he does something nice – but I just think this is the perfect example of the kind of man he is…

For those who don’t know, Chris does floors for a living. He owns his own small business (very small – just him and 1 employee) and has been working hard to build it up for the past 3 years here in Tucson. Together, he and his employee do hard manual labor day-in and day-out, only taking days off when work is slow. Over the past few months Chris had noticed that his employee’s shoes were becoming more and more “rugged.” With the type of work that they do, Chris flies through shoes, shirts, and jeans. Its the nature of the work to get dirty and he frequently buys cheap “work jeans” or “work shoes” for this purpose. But his employee kept wearing the same shoes every day.

When it got to the point that the shoes were just ridiculous – holes in the sides and his toes were sticking out the front – Chris made a comment about it and his employee (I’ll call him “John”) said that he had other shoes at home and would start wearing those. Only…he didn’t. John kept wearing the same terrible shoes that offered absolutely no support and no protection for his feet. This is when Chris realized that maybe the shoe thing was a financial issue. John supports a wife and child on his meager salary. So, without thinking twice, Chris went to Ross and bought John a cheap pair of work shoes. He texted John to ask for his shoe size and John replied with his shoe size but also said “I promise, I’ve got other shoes – I’ll wear them tomorrow.” Chris never responded, but bought new shoes anyway.

The next day John shows up with a newer pair of shoes on, but Chris still presented him with the shoes he’d just purchased for him the day before. John was so excited about it that he said he thought he’d keep the shoes Chris bought him as his “fancy” (non-work) shoes and use the shoes he was currently wearing as his new work shoes.

Sooooo, by process of deduction, it was clear that (1) John only owned 2 pairs of tennis shoes – the terrible ones he wore to work, and the 1 additional pair that he finally conceded to wear. And (2) the cheap ($30) shoes that Chris bought for John were now considered his “fancy” shoes.

How humbling it was. How fortunate we are to own countless shoes – our closets are full of them! How lucky we are to be able to afford expensive tennis shoes (my running shoes average closer to $75-$100….not a mere $30 like John’s new shoes). And how blessed we are that I never have to worry that I cannot afford basic clothing needs in order to go to work.

We may not have a lot. But we have everything we need. And we are truly fortunate for that. ❤