This month has been a tough one for me.

We all know about my breastfeeding struggles and the (difficult) decision I came to when I decided to stop breastfeeding just slightly after the girls turned 6 months (you can read about it here). Since then, I feel like we’ve been hit with one health hurdle right after another. I can’t help but feel like I’m somehow to blame. Like – if I were still breastfeeding surely my kids wouldn’t be getting so sick, right? I know there are lots of other factors (the girls started daycare, we’ve been going out more, etc.), but I still ultimately feel like its my fault. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

In addition to the girls’ ongoing colds, coughs, and various ailments, Chris and I have both battled sickness too. I’ve generally just felt run-down and exhausted this month. We are so fortunate to have such supportive family because we’ve had visits this month from BOTH our Moms! Chris’ Mom and Nana came out to help take care of the girls while I was out of town. Then the very next weekend my Mom came out after she found out Chris and I had been ill and the babies had RSV. We were crying uncle and she wanted to help.

And yet in spite of the sickies, we’ve still had a lot of great progress this month with the babes!

New Things This Month:

**I want to note that the girls were born 2 months early, so their development is still measured by their “adjusted age” (5 months) rather than their “actual age” (7 months)

  • We’ve finally been seeing some of the beginnings of rolling from back-to-front. It’s taken fooooorever, considering they’ve been rolling the other way for about 3 months now! They’re still not doing it effortlessly, but they can do it in stages (up to side, then flip over), and they can do it when they’re in their bouncer and swing (don’t worry – we restrain them with their “seat belts”!!!)
  • Their manual dexterity is getting so much better! They’re getting better at manipulating objects in their hands and are doing much better at being able to handle small objects. My fave is that they’re able to put their pacifiers back in their mouths if they’ve fallen out most of the time now. Woohoo!!!
  • Their arms are getting so much stronger! They’re finally able to completely push themselves up now when they do tummy time (instead of having to place weight on their forearms). They’ve even started doing some rocking back-and-forth (a precursor of crawling).
  • They’re sooooo close to being able to sit up on their own. They’re not doing it quite yet, but I bet within the next month they’ll master that skill!

Likes and Dislikes

  • They’ve been loving bath time more and more! They have started playing with their little bath toys and splash around like little fishies! I can’t wait until they can sit up on their own because I want to start giving them baths in the “big girl” tub together instead of having to do separate baths in the baby tub. I think they’ll have a lot of fun splashing around together!
  • They’re loving trying more and more foods. I still enjoy making baby foods for them when possible, but we’ve incorporated a lot more store-bought baby foods as well. Currently, I have a freezer stash of a bunch of orange baby foods:  pumpkin, squash, and carrots. But their favorite food so far is sweet corn! Mmmmm! : )
  • They love walks and anything that includes exploration. We haven’t been able to go on many adventures this month due to health issues, but I can’t wait until they’re 100% better. I think they’d really enjoy going to the park to see the ducks or going to the zoo to check out the animals. They’re really “examining” things now and are so curious about their surroundings!
  • They LOVE their Grandma, Mamaw, and Nana. They smile and laugh and just have so much fun playing with them! Again – we’re so lucky to have such wonderful and supportive family to come out and visit!
  • The only big “dislike” this month is disliking illness! Boo! Sickness go away! (Luckily we’re on the “getting better” side of things!)

Pretty girls – 7 months old!


Bailey is on the left, Brooke on the right. Poor Bailey still isn’t feeling well so I couldn’t get her to smile!


Here’s the only time Bailey would smile – looking at her sister! : ) This angle really highlights the smushed spot on Bailey’s head….thus why she’s getting a helmet. Poor sweet baby will have a beautiful round head soon! : ) (more about that here)
IMAG3532Other Stats:

Clothing size:  In between sizes – mostly 3-6 month, with some 6-9 month sprinkled in

Diaper size: We’d been using the Costco brand, which has a size 1-2 (combined size), but we’ve just barely switched over to a “real” size 2

Weight: last time they were weighed was 1/7/13 (almost an entire month ago!), so I’m sure they’ve gained weight but at that time Brooke was 12 lb and Bailey was 12 lb 9 oz. They’ll be weighed again at their next appointment with the doctor (on Valentine’s Day).