We have been sick for what feels like the entire month of January! And we’re certainly not alone! It’s a record-breaking year for influenza and it is estimated to last much longer this year than is normal. And I have no way to verify it (I briefly searched for links, but couldn’t find any) so maybe this isn’t true, but I heard it reported on the radio that some areas of Arizona have up to 50% of the population who are reporting themselves as being ill. Craziness!!!

And we’re certainly not exempt!

First I had a bad cold. Then the babies had colds, too. Then Chris and I got food poisoning. Then the babies got sick again. And now Chris is sick again, too. I took the babies to the doctor and it turns out…they have RSV!!! RSV is typically no-big-deal for healthy adults, but it is QUITE a big deal for infants….especially premature infants like our babies!

And I promised you all an update on some of the (many) doctors’ appointments we’ve been having lately (just during the month of January!), so here’s the run-down:

The babies had their 6 month check-up at the beginning of the month and the doctor said they’re progressing great with all of their developmental milestones and general growth and physical development. However, the doctor had a hard time getting Brooke to show a full range of movement in her hip flexors, so we were sent to get an X-ray of her hips. It was scary, but came back negative of any problems so she’s totally fine (yayayayay!!!!!)

The girls also received their flu shots along with their general 6-month-old vaccinations. Ouch! No fun! I’m so glad Chris was with me this time (he missed the 4-month shots) because I still have a hard time holding back the water-works when they start screaming.

Shortly after the shots is when the babies came down with colds. At first it was not a big deal, but after a couple weeks it turned into RSV. Their coughs sounded terrible and (as I noted in this post), I was really worried about the sickness turning into pneumonia (I had no idea, at the time, that it was RSV). After not getting better after a few days, I made an appointment and went to the doctor, who confirmed that the girls have RSV and needed to stay home from daycare for at least a week. As I write this, currently, Brooke is already doing much better (its been 9 days since she first came down with RSV symptoms), but Bailey is still not well. We are closely monitoring them to make sure their symptoms stay under control and we don’t end up having to admit them to the hospital : (

And in the thick of all this, Bailey has had several appointments related to her helmet (see here for why she has to get a helmet). At our first appointment they took simple measurements and confirmed that – yes – she needs a helmet. Her second appointment took more advanced measurements that are used to actually make her helmet specifically for her precise head size/shape. And her next appointment (February 11th) will be when we finally pick up the helmet and take it home (with her wearing it!) We’ll also have another doctor’s appointment on the 14th (yep – Valentine’s Day) for the girls to get MORE vaccines. It never ends!

January has been a tough month health-wise. Here’s to hoping that February will be much less eventful!