We’re not all well yet (another post on that coming soon….hopefully), but I wanted to share a post I’d already mostly-written about the girls starting day care at the beginning of January!

It was coming to the point that the girls needed to start daycare because the babysitter we’d been using had become a bit less reliable (she’s looking for a full time job – then got one and left us – then it “didn’t work out” and she came back – and I just wasn’t getting warm-fuzzies from her anymore). Plus, I’m teaching a Tuesday/Thursday class this semester so I HAD to have child care. If our sitter were to call in sick, I’d be screwed! I needed a situation where it was 100% reliable. At a daycare if someone calls in sick, someone else fills in. And I don’t have to worry about it. Win-win!

I do have some mixed feelings about the girls being in daycare though. A rough overview:


  • Hello!? Reliable!
  • The place we’re going was highly recommended
  • It also offers a part-time Tues/Thurs option, which is perfect for us!
  • It allows me the time to BOTH teach AND work on my dissertation (I teach in the mornings, work in the afternoons)
  • It also allows me to accomplish other tasks that have been impossible up to this point with the babies in-tow (e.g., big grocery trips, eyebrow waxing, hair appointments, etc.)
  • The girls get a chance to socialize with other babies their age
  • We get a chance to meet other parents in the area


  • I have to leave my babies with someone else!!! : (
  • Its muy $$$$
  • Now my babes are going to get sick all the time, right?? ***edited to add: YUP!!!
  • The daycare does their own schedule rather than sticking to ours, so the babies’ sleep is always messed up on daycare days
  • Makes me sad!!!

All that being said, I think the daycare we’ve chosen (The Jewish Community Center) is an awesome one! There’s low turn-over and our “teacher” is a college grad (I actually taught her!!!) and is super sweet and caring! I was so excited when, on their second day, we arrived at “school” (as we call it) and saw that the babies’ had done a fun activity for the day – they’d done little blue handprints! Too cute!


I also like that there’s a low child-to-staff ratio (4:1 – same as in the NICU!), and the girls get individual attention. They do the neck exercises with the girls and help work with them on sitting up, along with other skills we’re trying to master. And as a little bonus, we now have a membership to the JCC, which includes a full gym, basketball & tennis courts, pool, etc. (similar to a YMCA in terms of amenities). Chris is now on a super health-kick and has been going to the gym daily! I’ve made it a few times and hope to have it become a more regular part of my life as well!