I have about 4 different posts all half-written (about daycare, various doctors’ appointments, 7 month update, etc.), but I just wanted to peek in and say “Hey!”

We’re a bunch of sickies over here and can’t seem to catch a break!

First I had a cold (about 2 weeks ago!!), then the girls got colds, then when they seemed to finally be clearing up from the colds, they developed pretty wicked coughs that have settled in their chests (terrifying me about becoming pneumonia). Then Chris and I BOTH got food poisoning and spent a good 36 hours straight vomiting and borderline-dying. Sounds dramatic, but that’s how it felt. It was – HANDS DOWN – the toughest time we’ve had since the girls have been born….and thats including a LOT of sleepless nights & tough times at the very beginning.

Now Chris and I are finally on the mend (still weak and fatigued, but no longer vomiting!), but the babies still aren’t doing great. They seem to also be on the “getting better” end of things, but poor things still aren’t sleeping great or eating great and they still have a lot of congestion and coughing fits (that sometimes leads to projectile vomiting if the coughing is violent enough).

Anyway, I just wanted to peek in and say we’re all alive and surviving and hopefully I’ll be able to finish up some posts soon for you all. In the meantime, we’re taking care of the girls (and ourselves) and counting down the days until we live close to family again!!! Would have made the last 36 hours much, much more bearable!!!!

Love (and HEALTH) to all!