Two types of cold:

  1. Brrrrr – the temperature kind of “cold.” It has been freezing here lately! Literally! Every night we have hard freeze warnings and its still in the mid-twenties at 9am! Way too cold for my warm-weather loving self! Luckily by Thursday we’re supposed to be back in the mid-60’s. Until then, we’re keeping warm by cranking up the heat and – when I take the girls out – they wear these adorable fuzzy, warm bear suits that my Mom got them for Christmas. I die of the cuteness!!!! I could’ve SWORN I’ve taken pictures of them in their outfits and, yet, I can’t find any anywhere! Argh! I’ll post pics soon, but here’s a link to Old Navy’s website if you want to see what I’m talking about (its the bear suit at the bottom of the page). It’s freaking presh!
  2. The sniffly, illness kind of cold. : ( It’s the babies’ first sickness ever in their lives! I’m pretty proud we made it 6 1/2 months without any form of illness, but now that they’ve both got a cold (plus me, too!) its no fun in our house! And, unfortunately, I think I’m the culprit who brought it into our home! I went and got a flu shot last week and was told I could experience “cold-like” symptoms as a side-effect. The very next day I had a scratchy throat & runny nose. I didn’t think it was a big deal – didn’t think it was contagious or anything since it was surely a side-effect from the flu shot. Well, 2 days later Brooke develops similar symptoms. Then the next day Bailey has it too. Last night was very much like what I experienced when they were newborns (read: up for a 4 hour stretch in the middle of the night). I feel soooooo bad because the poor things can’t breathe through their stuffy noses!

And, as one last random note – it occurs to me that I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures on my fancy new ipad that I got for Christmas (very spoiled this year!!!) Maybe the bear pictures are on it? Does anyone know how I can transfer pictures from an ipad to my mac? Maybe through some apple icloud magic? I need some techy to come save me (read: do it for me) : )

And since I couldn’t find pics of the adorable bear outfits and pics of the runny nosed sad babies aren’t nearly as fun, here are some more Christmas pics from my phone:

More from the drive to Austin:


I wasn’t lying when I said the dog got shotgun!


We started off with all-smiles


After 10-12 hours, we weren’t such happy campers anymore!


And, not that this is a particularly flattering photo of me, but check out those baby blues! They’re hard to capture because somehow they always photograph as brown (even from my Mom’s fancy-pants camera!), but I swear they’re blue! Oh – also note my severed finger!

IMAG3439Again…this is the best pic I could capture out of about 20 pictures taken. Babies do NOT cooperate with photographic efforts. Also, I can’t manage to turn it around so you’ll have to deal with an upside-down photo. But aren’t they cute in their matching flannel with little bibs that say “On Grandma’s Good List”!?! Awww, sweet babies!