Let’s get caught up, shall we?

Generally, I like to do posts around “themes” rather than “timing.” In other words, I’ll pick a topic (or theme) and write about it.

Buuuuut, so much time has passed and so much has happened that if I were to do a post for each “theme” I’d never catch up!

So lets organize this post by “timing” (sequence of events).

Here we go:


We made the trek back to Texas in our car this time, rather than flying. It was not fun. But it was (maybe?) better than flying. Still not sure. At least we were in our own environment. It took 14 hours. We were positioned as such:  Chris in driver’s seat, Rocky (our dog) in the passenger seat, babies on either side of the back row and me in between them – sandwiched in the middle. Pretty much the least comfortable position ever, but I made it work.

Then we were “home.” And boy, were we busy! We got into town late on Friday night. By Sunday we were taking the girls to church for their first time with my Mom’s family. She bought them new dresses for the occasion.


This was the best photo out of literally about 15. Do you know how difficult it is to photograph two sleepy babies? Lots of frowns, squirms, and blurriness!

My sister is getting married in a few months (WOOOHOOO!!!!) and I helped put together her “Save the Date” cards. We had a little wedding workshop all set up for the occasion.

DSCN1315 DSCN1314

Then, I made everyone partake in some little baby crafts!!!!!! I was planning on making homemade ornaments (like seen here), and enlisted some help to get it all done.


First, Brian whipped up the mixture (just salt, water, and flour). Then I rolled it out with a rolling pin to my desired thickness and used a glass to cut circle shapes into the flour.

DSCN1248Next, I took the babies and forced them to imprint their hands and feet. It was a hysterical process! Bailey spit up into the mixture when we were doing a hand print and Brooke started crying into her mixture as we did a footprint. So it didn’t literally take blood, sweat, and tears…..though it did take spit up and tears. : )


Brooke was helping Mamaw get the dough ready on some cookie sheets


First up was Miss Bailey. A little skeptical…DSCN1277 DSCN1255

And then Miss Brooke.DSCN1263 DSCN1270

Everyone’s help was needed!

DSCN1299See the tears? Do you like how I’m basically gagging my child with the pacifier? I swear, she is not abused! : )

DSCN1310Then the prints got baked and cooled. Afterward, Chris glazed with some mod lodge and wrote the name of the baby whose print it was, along with the year.

DSCN1312 DSCN1313Finished Product. I die from the cuteness!!!

And then Rocky ate Brooke’s foot(print). For real. Grrrrr!!!!!! (lucky we made a few!) : )


DSCN1416 DSCN1422

Bailey – being amused by Daddy and her toy


Brooke – flashing a gri


Happy baby!

DSCN1224Pretty babies! Going to visit Dad’s friends at the Freemason Lodge!

And that’s it. We’re pretty much up-to-date!