Eeeeek – better late than never, right?!

The girls’ half birthday was Christmas Day. It’s so crazy because last Christmas we were just finding out we were pregnant, and now the girls are half a year old already!!

And, to be fair, these pictures were actually taken a week ago so it was a bit closer to their actual 6 month birthday (now they’re about 6.5 months already – yikes!)


What’s New With the Girls:

It’s funny because there’s not a ton that jumps out immediately as being new skills. Instead, I think the girls have continued to do everything they used to do, but with greater proficiency (e.g., longer periods of standing, better motor movement/coordination, etc.). And they just seem so alert now. It feels like you can literally see them learn as they play. It’s like they’re figuring things out….I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s really fun! And there are a couple truly new skills that emerged in the past month:

Brooke has learned to roll from her back to her side. Neither baby can roll from back-to-front yet (even though they’ve been doing front-to-back for over a month!), so the back-to-side roll is the closest we’ve gotten and only Brooke has figured it out thus far.

Bailey has discovered her hands! To be fair – both babies had been looking at their hands for a few months. But she’s “discovered” her hands in that she’s actually using them now to do things (as opposed to batting at toys with a fist). She’s still figuring out the whole hand-eye-coordination thing, but she’s been learning to use her hand to accomplish small goals. For example, she’ll use her hand (not as a fist, but with fingers outstretched), to play with objects on her bouncer:  bringing a toy to her mouth or hitting the rattle. Brooke does this, too, but her hands are still in little fists when she does it. However, Brooke’s been getting better at manipulating objects in her hand. Bailey is just essentially hitting things with her hands while Brooke has been able to turn an object (pacifier) over in her hand and bring it to her mouth. Now when she accidentally spits it out (which happens a lot), she can retrieve it and put it back into her mouth about 50% of the time…SUCCESS!!! : )


DSCN1481 DSCN1478

Likes and Dislikes:

These babies have QUITE the little personalities already! And they’re not afraid to let the world know what they like and don’t like!

Like: playing games with Mom and Dad – they especially love being held up in the air!


Dislike: having faces/noses wiped (particularly Bailey)

Like: playing Moms’ exercise games



Dislike: being sleepy (still working on them self-soothing. They do better with it at nap time than they do at bedtime, and I’m afraid we’ve got a bit of a reliance on pacifiers but the thought of weaning them off of pacifiers makes me exhausted so we’re just going with it for now)

Like: going on walks! I haven’t written about it, but I’ve started making weekly walking dates with a friend with a baby and the girls have seemed to enjoy getting out and about!

Dislike: neck exercises, and generally being forced to do things against their will (like being manipulated at the doctors’ office to get length and head measurements)

Like: Being held and carried around like “big girls” (i.e., upright)

Dislike: Playing “dress up.” The other day I put them back in the Halloween costumes (remember how huge the costumes were at Halloween time???). I put them back on to see how they fit now and, what do ya know, they fit like a glove! : ) The girls, however, were not impressed!

DSCN1456 DSCN1452

Look at that little lamby tail! I die!!!

Like: diaper changes, baths, and new clothes (true little ladies!)

Dislike: tummy time

Like: Playing in their exersaucers!


Like: food! We’ve been eating more solids! Foods we’ve tried so far include (in order of introduction): rice cereal, avocado, squash, pumpkin, banana!!!, sweet potatoes. Soon we’ll be trying: carrots, green beans, and peas! Bailey has overcome her aversion to food and although they’re still learning the whole eating process, they both enjoy it now!

Like: finger-munching. They finger-munch like it’s going out of style!!!

DSCN1163Like: Polo. Not the sport. The clothing (Ralph Lauren). Or…..maybe its just that Daddy likes Polo ; )

DSCN1184That’s it for now. I still have so many photos and fun stories to share from the Winter Break, but you’ll just have to wait for those. More posts coming soon!!!

Other Stats:

  • Weight: Brooke = 12 lb. Bailey = 12 lb. 9 oz.(<1st percentile)
  • Length: Brooke = 25 inches, Bailey = 25 inches (24th percentile)
  • Head: Brooke = 43 cm., Bailey = 43 cm (52nd percentile) – Big heads like their Daddy!!
  • Clothing size: 6 month (but can range from size 3mo-9mo depending on style)
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Sleep: From 8-9ish pm until 7am + about 3-4 hours of daytime naps
  • Food: 4 bottles per day of 7-8oz and 1-2 meals of “solids” per day

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