I recently wrote a post about our 6 month old daily schedule.

One thing you may have noticed was all the active play time.

So what do we do for all that play time? Don’t things get boring and repetitive? What can you do with 6 month old babies?

Well, the girls have a short attention span, so we tend to rotate from activity to activity about every 15 minutes, with some activities only lasting 5-10 minutes and some stretching on for 20-25 minutes (but that’s about the max).

The Games We Play

Some of the games we play are similar to what I wrote about in this post, when the girls were only 3 months old:

  • Peek-a-boo
  • Singing & dancing
  • Feeling game
  • Baby babble (with a focus on learning to say “Momma,” of course ; ) )

And other activities are new, or have been modified since I wrote about the games they played at 3 months:

  • Play mat time. The girls loooove their play mat, and now we’ve gotten a new one, too. 1 play mat stays in the living room and 1 play mat stays in the girls’ room. So we’ll mix in play mat time depending on where we are.
  • Neck stretches. This really isn’t a “game,” per se. But we have to do a LOT of neck stretches (see here for why) for both girls. There are 2 separate stretches and we’re supposed to do 3 sets of 10 for each stretch on each girl 5 times per day. Thats a LOOOOT of time doing stretches. So I try to make it a bit more fun by singing the count (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) in silly voices and to make funny faces at the girls while we’re doing the stretches. This easily takes about 15 minutes during each waking period.
  • Tummy time. Again – this isn’t really a game, but the girls are supposed to be doing 30 minutes of tummy time per day. Since they aren’t huge fans of tummy time, I try to make it as fun as possible. I get down on the ground so they can see my face in front of them. I clap and cheer them on, and often put toys in front of them so they have something to look at (even though they aren’t strong enough to reach for the toys yet – they’re just focused on holding themselves up – eventually holding toys in front of them will entice them to crawl!)
  • Exersaucer time. The girls looooove to stand! And we’ve got 2 exersaucers (again – 1 stays in their room, 1 in the living room). Generally I’ll put one girl in the exersaucer and hold the other girl in an assisted-standing position in front of the exersaucer so the girls can see each other and they can both see all the toys attached to the exersaucer. After a few minutes (10ish), I’ll switch the girls so that the one I’d been holding is now in the exersauser, and vice verca.
  • Snack time. I know everyone does this differently, but when I offer the girls solids its usually as a “snack time” (as opposed to being offered before/after the bottle during “meal time.”) I’ll put the girls in their bumbo chair and offer spoonfulls of whatever food I’ve got on hand (so far I’ve been making our own baby food and we’ve tried avocado, butternut squash, and pumpkin).
  • Rolly-polly time. I’ll lay the girls on a big blanket (usually before tummy time), and help them roll from side-to-side. At this point, they’re still only able to roll on their own from front-to-back, so I focus our attention on working on rolling from back-to-side or back-to-front. The girls like being rolled from side to side (they really think it’s a game!), so its a fun thing.
  • “Swimming” and “Bicycling.” Also while laying on a blanket, I’ll work with the girls 1-at-a-time with their arm and leg movement. I’ll take one of their hands into each of my hands and make a swimming motion, saying “We’re swiiiiiiiming!!!!” The girls LOVE it! No idea why, but they think its so fun! Then I’ll grab one foot into each of my hands and say “Biiiiiicycleeeeee!!!!” and move their legs in a motion as if they were bicycling. They love it, too!
  • Story Time. Soooo glad the girls like stories now!!! I’ll usually put one in my lap in a seated position while the other girl is propped on a pillow next to us. I’ll hold the book out so both girls can see the pictures and read story after story (as many as they’ll let me read until they get bored!) Sometimes we can read for almost 30 minutes….sometimes only for 5 or 10.
  • Working Out. This is way different than I wrote about last time. Last time this was while the girls “worked out” (aka: tummy time), I’d do push ups along with them. Now, I try to incorporate them into my workouts (so its not a workout for them at all). I do baby squats, baby lunges, baby bench presses, baby reverse sit-ups, baby oblique turns….just about anything that can be modified to be done with a baby – I do it (see here for examples). And the girls LOVE it! They smile and laugh and think its the most fun thing in the world….for about 5 minutes. Then they get bored. Good thing there’s 2 babies so I can switch them out : )

We rotate activities during their active-play time, and I try to mix things up by sometimes playing in the living room, sometimes playing in their room, and occasionally even playing in our room. It makes things less repetitive (mostly for me), if we move from room to room. And now we’ve got enough activities in the rotation that we don’t have to do the same thing over and over (well…except for neck exercises and tummy time – which are both done during every.single.active-play time!).

Other big changes from our 3 month games:

We go on walks still, but I’ve learned that the motion of walking tends to put the girls to sleep, which messes up the whole napping schedule. So instead of having walks while they’re awake, I actually try to time them during nap time. It works out beautifully so the girls’ schedules stay intact and I’m still able to get out and stretch my legs a bit.

The “cooking show” (which was my favorite game at 3 months) is rarely played anymore. Now that they nap like champs, I rarely spend their awake time cooking or doing dishes (I do that while they nap), so there’s no need to have the girls sit there while I do things in the kitchen. Occasionally, I’ll still do a “cooking show” in the evening while I’m preparing dinner, but usually Chris is home at that time so he’ll play with the girls instead.

And that’s it! I love blogging this stuff because it’s so fun for me to get to go back and re-read what we’ve been up to. Babies grow and change so rapidly, it’s amazing the difference that 3 months makes! They seem like totally different babies than who they were 3 months ago, and who knows what we’ll be up to 3 months from now!? (*gulp* crawling??? *gulp*) Only time will tell!!!