Now that the girls are getting a little older, things are getting soooooo much easier!!!!

Don’t get me wrong – raising twins is still a handful! – but we’ve gotten into a comfortable groove and I think everything is easier when you’re getting sleep at night!

Until just a couple weeks ago, we’d been using a baby-led method of eating/sleeping (modified to work with twins). But now that they’re getting older and their schedule has normalized and become pretty routine, I’ve decided to go ahead and enforce it instead of leaving it all up to the girls.

I thought it’d be good to share and document it since the babies’ schedules change so rapidly – it might be nice to have a record of what life was like at 6 months. You’ll notice that much of the awake time is spent with active play. I’m planning a post on that soon, giving the scoop of what all of our “games” look like these day.

6 Month Old Schedule

7:00 – wake up, diaper change, hang out in swing/bouncer while I get bottles ready

7:15 – eat

7:30-9:00 active play

9:00-11:00 nap

11:00 wake up, diaper change, get dressed (we leave them in PJs until this point)

11:15 – eat

11:30-1:00 active play

1:00-3:00 nap

3:00 wake up, diaper change

3:15 – eat

3:30-5:00 active play

5:00-6:30 – this tends to be more of a “calm” time. Sometimes they’ll take a 30 minute mini-nap. They’ll hang out in their swing/bouncer and/or play with Dad. We don’t do the same active play activities that we do the rest of the day. Instead, this is a kind of winding-down from the day, so it’s more calm/individual-play.

6:30 – eat

7:00-8:00 cuddle time & time for bed

Generally they go to sleep in the 7 o’lock hour sometime, but sometimes they don’t fall asleep until almost 9pm, depending on the day.

If there’s one thing I would say about twins, it’s that having (and sticking to) a schedule is absolutely vital!

In the early days we were all about “survival.” We were just trying to get by and the thought of having a schedule was ludicrous! Very soon, though, we learned that – for us – we HAD to have the babies on the same schedule. It was way too difficult to have them both do whatever they wanted, because then there was absolutely no down time ever. Their naps are the only times I’m able to get things done around the house and if they were on different nap schedules, it would just be too difficult. For the first several months their schedules varied from day to day, but we made sure to enforce them being syncrhonized with each other. Some days the “day” started at 5am…other days not until 8am. But whenever one baby woke up we would go ahead and wake the other baby, too. Everything was done together.

After a few months, we just naturally fell into the routine that I’ve written above. Chris and I didn’t do anything to make it happen – it happened organically. And when I realized that things had stabilized into the above routine and that it was working for us, I decided to stick with and even enforce it. Occasionally there’s a morning where the babies are both still sleeping at 7am. But I’ve learned that if I let them keep sleeping it throws off the entire rest of the day. So I wake up my sleeping babies (*gasp*) and get things started. And its working for us.

Things change rapidly with babies so who knows what the schedule will look like 3 months from now, but for right now we’re in a pretty good routine. : )