IMAG3392First trip to the grocery store by ourselves!!!!! Made it almost 6 months, but I knew this day would come!!! : )

And it went pretty well! It was a short trip – just needed a few things – so it worked great. I had Bailey in the Baby Bjorn and Brooke in her car seat in the cart. It wouldn’t have worked if I’d needed a lot because the car seat took up most of the cart, but it worked since I only had a few items on my list. I also had to take precaution to park next to some shopping carts so I could easily grab one without having to leave the girls alone in the car to do so.

Still trying to figure out this whole being-a-Mom-of-twins thing. You definitely can’t do a lot of “normal” things that singleton Moms can do. But I think we’re finally (FINALLY!!!) getting a hang of it!