Before this year, I had only ever been to an ER one time ever – about 8 years ago.

I had never had a broken bone, never had stitches, never dislocated anything. Never really had any serious medical ailment of any kind (aside from some wicked tonsillitis when I was 18…but that was pretty routine).

Just this year, alone, I’ve been to the doctor and the hospital more times than I can count. Generally most of it was for routine baby-related stuff. But then there was the day I checked into the hospital to have our babies. And then there was that day I experienced the abnormal bleeding.And now we can add #3 to the list…

The night I sliced my finger open!!!


Yep….that’s me. In the hospital ER. Again.

*Not pictured:  the gaping wound on my right hand

It ended up being no big deal (so don’t worry!), but it was pretty traumatic for me regardless. Lack of sleep + end-of-semester stress + Chris’ long work hours means I was really at my limit of what I was able to do in life, in general. All week I’ve had the babies all day (and into the evening as Chris has been working late), and I’ve been struggling to keep up with my work obligations….often working late at night when everyone else was in bed (leaving myself with ZERO downtime).

And then yesterday I was hurriedly finishing up dinner and went to grab a glass for some water. But when I grabbed a glass, I must have accidentally knocked my *favorite* coffee mug, because it tumbled out of the cabinet. I grabbed to try to save it, but it was too late. It had hit the counter and shattered and when I lunged my hand toward it, I ended up stabbing myself in the finger – slicing a large chunk of finger in a terrible, jagged pattern that left me with a big flap of skin hanging off my hand  and a wicked cut that would’t stop bleeding. This was 7:30 pm.

Chris helped me clean it, wrap it, and apply pressure. At 9:00pm, when I was still heavily bleeding without an end in site, we decided I should head to the ER for some stitches. Never mind that I’d never had stitches before. Never mind I’d have to drive myself and do it alone (Chris had to stay with the babies). Never mind I still had a good 2 hours worth of work to get done that evening.

I pulled on my metaphorical big girl panties, re-bandaged my bloody finger, and drove to the ER. 2 1/2 hours later I was on my way back home. It was almost midnight when I got back. I decided to forego my work for the night. So it wouldn’t get done in time. Oh well.

Now, if only I can stop making trips to the hospital it would be great! Here’s hoping that 2013 includes ZERO Emergency Room visits!

Edited to add: Lots of times I’m a little dramatic on the blog. It’s how I feel at the time and I think writing is more interesting when there’s passion behind it. But with tragedies like the one today, my silly little finger-cut just seems so petty compared to the struggles others are facing. I won’t edit my content, but I do want to acknowledge the very REAL tragedies all over the world that are taking place every single day. Our life is pretty good. ER trips and all!