Sometimes the things everyone recommend to do with babies doesn’t really work when you have twins.

Case and point – bedtime.

Every.Single.Person in the world talks about how you should put your child in bed while drowsy, but not asleep. Maybe that can work in a one-baby-at-a-time world. But in my world that doesn’t work. Because when you try that, the two babies lay there looking at each other and 1 smiles, then the other smiles. 1 laughs, then the other laughs. 1 starts “talking”, then the other starts “talking.” And they completely wake each other up and bedtime is ruined.

So instead, we’ve been putting 1 baby in bed while drowsy-but-not-asleep, and let the other baby be rocked to sleep by her swing. Then, when both babies are asleep, we move swing baby into the crib. (note: “swing baby” rotates, so its not the same person all the time.) By that point both babies are sleeping so soundly that they’re not waking each other up.

I tell this little anecdote for two reasons:

  1. Sometimes what works for Everone.In.The.World! doesn’t work for you and your baby(-ies). Use common sense & read your babies cues rather than relying 100% on books and articles.
  2. Our little nighttime ritual is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE things to do! LOVE LOVE LOVE picking sleepy swing baby up, cradling her in my arms, holding her close to my chest, and gently kissing her sweet little baby head while carrying her to her room. Sweet, cuddly, sleepy babies is one of the best things in life!

I wouldn’t trade our nighttime ritual for anything else in the world! And who knows how much longer it will last! Just today Chris rearranged the girls’ room and assembled the second crib (which has been sitting in a box since before they were born). They’ve been waking each other up a lot lately, so we’ve decided its time to separate them into two separate cribs. Such a bittersweet moment for us! So excited they’re growing so much! So sad to be losing our sweet, cuddly-girls!