Random pictures and miscellaneous happenings throughout the month of NovemberIMAG3107Brooke smiling

IMAG3108Bashful Bailey

IMAG3139Baby-carrying around the house

IMAG3151Our other baby found a nice cozy spot….head on top of the pillow!

IMAG3152All dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner

IMAG3244Chilly morning walk – all bundled up!

IMAG3245Brooke (carrying our mail to the mailbox)

IMAG3264So excited to go somewhere! (Can’t remember where???)

IMAG3278Lots of teething-related hand-munching! Girls in their “jail bird” outfits (even though they’re technically brown and light pink, I think they look like little jail uniforms, lol)

IMAG3273Getting so big!!!

IMAG3293Babies in skirts!

IMAG3308Adorable dresses

IMAG3322IMAG3325 All dressed up and nowhere to go : )

IMAG3336Happy girls!