I just love watching the girls play with each other more and more the bigger they get. Bailey, in particular, is a great big sister for Brooke. When Brooke cries, Bailey will look over to check things out and assess the situation….making sure that Brooke is being taken care of. And although Brooke doesn’t seem to care when Bailey cries (lol), she definitely still loves her big sister!

Here’s a playtime interaction that I caught in a series of photos. Wish I’d gotten it on video, but the photos still offer a nice little glimpse of what it looks like when they play together. Please ignore the cluttered desk area in the background!!

Brooke is on the left, Bailey on the right


And if you can’t tell what’s going on, here is a little synopsis:

Bailey and Brooke sitting on Dad’s knee looking at Mom, then at each other.

Bailey laughs at Brooke. Brooke smiles at Bailey.

Brooke flaps her arms about in the air, doing a little dance.

Bailey thinks its hilarious and starts cracking up.

Brooke is pretty pleased with herself, too.

The End.