We’ve been lucky that the girls have been able to meet most of their extended family at this point (though certainly not all!)

My Dad (“Grandpa” King), who lives in Utah, has been able to come a couple of times to visit:  the first time with my Uncle and the second time by himself.

His more recent trip was over Thanksgiving weekend and it was a great trip because we were actually able to get out of the house a bit for some excursions!

We took the girls up to Mt. Lemmon and walked around a bit.

IMAG3202IMAG3212IMAG3229And afterward we went to dinner at a little Tucson touristy place.

There’s a big lot of land thats called Trail Dust Town. It’s made to be very old-timey Old West-style. There’s old time candy shops, a “shooting range” (with toy guns, not real ones!), and even a staged Western Shoot Out a couple times a night. There’s a restaurant there, Pinnacle Peak, that’s also very “Western.” They boast slow-cooked meats served by waitstaff in Western-wear who will cut your tie off if you dare to wear one in the door (literally….they have ties hanging from their walls/ceiling). The food is just “ok” – it’s really about the atmosphere. It’s always a fun place to visit and we haven’t been since the girls were born!

IMAG3232It was a short trip, but a fun one!

We’re tentatively planning a trip to Utah for this upcoming summer to meet all the cousins and my Grandma (their Great-Grandma) King! It’s really important to us to visit while we still live in Arizona. Since we’re planning on moving back to Texas at the end of summer we have no idea when our next trip to Utah might be (since we’re both SOOOOOO over flying!!!)

IMAG3222IMAG3262Remember how I talked about decorating our fake ficus tree? Yeah…I wasn’t joking! : )

Thanks for visiting Grandpa King!