Yesterday I took the infant insert out of the little bathtub thing we’ve got

bath(link) See that pink mesh thing? It’s removed for bigger babies

And I’ve noticed that recently when I’m holding Bailey she’ll fuss and cry if I try to hold her “like a baby” (you know – laying down being cradled in my arms). She’ll only calm down if you stand her upright and turn her around so she’s sitting upright “like a big girl” and is able to look around. *tear!!*


Note that this is actually Brooke, but whatevs…

And lately the only time I can steal snuggles is when I’m breastfeeding one of them!

We went to the doctor Friday (more on that in another post) and the girls now weigh Bailey: 11 lb. 8 oz, Brooke 11 lb. 1 oz!!! This is after being born at 4 lb. 3 oz and 3 lb 10 oz, respectively. Almost tripling their birth weight at this point! When did that happen!?


And they’re doing more “big girl” things! They stand (with assistance), sit upright (with assistance), roll from tummy-to-back, babble, laugh, and squeal/squawk (mostadorablethingever!!!!) Their manual dexterity is getting better so soon they’ll be holding their bottles on their own.  I just can’t even believe it!


I’ve been trying to live in the moment each and every day. To really appreciate this time and enjoy their baby years. But even with them being born prematurely and having a bit of a delay (though they should catch up eventually), I feel like the time is just flying by! It’s craziness!

But time marches on. And I just keep loving them more and more! ❤