Aww, Texas. As a whole you might not be that cool. But Austin is – without a doubt – my hands down favorite city in the entire US. Just kidding, it totally sucks – DON’T MOVE THERE!!! Really though….Austin is awesome but its becoming overcrowded, so I wish people would stop moving there.

Even so, we can’t wait to move back!

And I’ve finally gotten my camera back from Texas and have had the time to upload some photos. So enjoy the montage.

DSCN1066Bailey and Brooke in their Halloween pj’s! The white part is glow-in-the-dark, so its really fun!!! : )

DSCN1067DSCN1073 Look at those adorable little baby feet! Getting bigger already!!!

DSCN1081Babies with their Nana


Sometimes babies sleep funny

DSCN1093Babies with their Mamaw


Baby getting a bow tied on her pretty dress
DSCN1107 copyAunt Bitney (Brittany) and Mamaw

IMG_7389Nan and Bailey

DSCN1122pretty babies

That’s it! We weren’t there for long, but I sure thought we had more photos on our camera than that! At any rate, we’ll be sure to take more photos over Christmas time!