This month has been so much fun! The girls have really been growing by leaps and bounds and I can almost see daily progress in terms of their strength and abilities! It’s soooo incredible to think that Chris and I made these two little girls and that everything they know, they’ve learned from us!

New this month:

-The girls have started “helping” us with diaper changes! They now understand the routine and when we put them on the changing table and remove their diapers they’ll pull their legs back so we can access the bum area for easy-cleaning. : )

-We’ve got little rolly-polly babies! They’ve started rolling from their tummies to their backs, but not the other way around. Bailey has done it probably a half-dozen or more times, Brooke has done it 4 times total. So it’s still a new skill, but we’re getting pretty good at it.

-They now grip….everything! It’s especially cute when they grip around our necks or grip our clothes. But it’s not-so-cute when they rip chunks of my hair out. At least its forward progress! And its always entertaining when I get them up from a nap and notice they’ve been clutching a chunk of my hair throughout the entire nap, lol.

-They’re standing with minimal help. They can’t pull themselves up yet, but all we have to do is pick them up and they hold their weight 100% on their own! They hold onto my fingers for help with balance, but other than that, they are able to lock their knees and hold their weight on their own legs! I swear, they’re going to be standing on their own before they even crawl!

-The girls are able to share attention for longer periods. Instead of just randomly looking here and there, they really pay attention when you point to pictures in a book or point to miscellaneous household objects. It’s so fun to teach them about, well, everything! It’s so crazy to think that everything they know they’ve learned from us!!!

-Similarly, the girls have been looking at each other and smiling and giggling. It is – hands down – the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life! As much as I love to have them smile and laugh at me, I think its even more incredible to watch them smile and laugh at each other!

-We’ve started food!!! We started with rice cereal mixed with milk at 4.5 months. Next we moved on to avocado mushed up and mixed with milk in the consistency of soup. Soon we’ll add banana, mushed up and mixed with milk in the consistency of soup. We’ve added food slowly, to make sure there are no food allergies and to give the babies’ tummies time to adjust to the “solids” (said in quotations since the mixture is very, very watery milky). It’s been so fun to watch their reactions to the new flavors. Almost always a frown initially, followed by a puzzled face as they move the milky-mixture around their mouths. Bailey has decided avocado is not for her, but Brooke really likes it.











Current Likes & Dislikes:

LOVE their activity mat. They’ve always enjoyed it, but seems like its one of their favorite things now. They just love to bat at the toys and kick their little legs forever (well….for 10-15 minute increments, lol).

LIKE Christmas lights and decorations! We weren’t planning to do a Christmas tree this year…..with all the baby stuff expanding into the living room, we’re a little tight on space and we’re planning to go back to Texas for probably the last 2 weeks of December, so we won’t even be in Tucson for too long. So instead of doing the whole tree shebang, we decorated our fake tree (not fake Christmas tree….I’m talking about a fake ficus tree, lol). We put up 1 strand of lights and just a few sparkly bulbs and the babies absolutely adore it! They stare at the lights and the shiny bulbs and seem to love it. Seems like a good substitute…..though the babies’ reactions are making me want to do the “real deal” Christmas tree, lol.

DISLIKE loud noises. The NICU really made them get used to constant loud noises so when we first got home loud noises were no problem. But I guess they’ve now acclimated to our quieter home environment because when there’s a startling loud noise (e.g., Rocky bark, or our slamming screen door are 2 common examples that come to mind), they become frightened and start crying.

LIKE music. I used to listen mostly to NPR or other talk radio during the day while home with them. Recently though, I’ve started listening to various Austin radio-stations through the I Heart Radio app on my phone. Not only is it fun for me to hear about Austin events, but the babies have really shown an interest in the various songs on the radio. I think we’ve got some mini Country fans! : )

DISLIKE teething!!!! Two babies teething at the same time? Oh boy!!! It is INTENSE!!!! This deserves its own post sometime soon.

A couple things unique to each baby:  Bailey dislikes “solid” foods (rice cereal and avocado, see above description). She will try a couple bites, but spit it all out and if I try to continue feeding her she’ll start to cry. Brooke, on the other hand, loves the solids we’ve had so far. Brooke dislikes sunshine. Increasingly as we’ve gone on walks, Brooke will cry if its sunny (even when I’ve got a sun hat on her or cover her carseat with a blanket). It forces me to pick her up and carry her as I push the giant stroller back to the house. Bailey, on the other hand, seems to love the sunshine and really enjoys afternoon walks.

They’re very good, happy, and easy babies overall (though some days are pretty rough!!!!). We are quite lucky, indeed!

Happy 5 Months, Girls!

Brooke (left) and Bailey (right). Guess who picked out the outfits again? Last month it was their I Love BBQ shirts, this month it’s their Seattle Seahawks outfits, lol.

Brooke, constantly munching on her hands (teething, maybe??)

Bailey, about to munch on the bear’s nose

(I guess this is why you supervise & make sure babies don’t have toys with removable parts)