The other evening I was washing dishes after dinner when I heard babies fussing from their crib (they were supposed to be asleep), so Chris went to check on them.

He came back a few minutes later and boasted that he “can put the babies to sleep in 2 minutes or less!”

Pretty good, I thought. “Tell me what you do!”

He explained that, “It’s not just about giving them a pacifier and shushing them. You’ve gotta stand there for a bit while they get tired eyes so that they see you’re still there. Maybe rest a hand on them so they can feel you and they’re comforted back to sleep. Then they don’t re-wake because they fall asleep more soundly.”

omg-melt your heart, or what?!?

It’s too funny that this big, macho, stereotypical man’s man kinda guy is such an amazing father, too! There really was some type of transformation that took place when we had our babies because he’s a totally different person now! So tender with the girls and absolutely adoring of them! He’s always hated pictures and refuses to smile for them – even when we got married he wouldn’t do any “posed” photos, they had to be “action” shots because he feels so uncomfortable standing there, smiling. But now, when I take photos of him with the girls, he beams the biggest most sincere smile. You can feel the love radiating out of him for our little ones!

Starting when I was pregnant, one of the first questions I always got was, “Do you have support here?” It made me nervous because I always thought, “not really.” All of our family is in Texas and Chris works so I knew the bulk of childcare responsibility would fall onto me, alone.  But to say that Chris has stepped up would be the under-statement of the century! He has truly been (and continues to be) one of the most amazing and best fathers I could have ever hoped for! It’s incredible to see him playing with his girls, him gazing down at their face and his eyes glowing with love. I love to see the girls light up when they look at him – flash their big gummy smiles and giggle at his silly voices. Life is grand!

ps: photos from my phone….still don’t have my camera with all the good pics