Let’s recap:

I’ve taken the girls out by myself only a handfull of times.

We’ve gone on several drive-through errands (e.g., bank, post office, pharmacy).

We’ve gone to our breastfeeding group.

And aside from that, we’ve only had ONE solo venture – the infamous park trip wherein Bailey had a total meltdown and I didn’t know if I’d ever leave the house with them alone again (okay, I’m being overly-dramatic, but you get the picture).

So when another Mom-of-twins reached out to me and asked if I’d like to meet her at the zoo I had mixed feelings. I desperately want to make some Mom friends, and it’d be sooooo nice to be friends with another Mom of twins! At the same time, going anywhere with the girls is a bit of a logistical nightmare. With working around their feeding/sleeping schedule, my pumping schedule, and everything else, it can feel quite overwhelming.

But I had resolved to start “living life” again. And so I decided to go.


and and and…..

It was GREAT!!!!

I am SO GLAD it worked out because, I swear, if it hadn’t……ugh! I’d seriously probably never leave again! haha!

Really though – it was such a great experience! The other Mom and I chatted up a storm like we’d known each other forever. And all FOUR of our babies (her 2 + my 2) were perfect angels the whole time! We walked by the elephants and tigers, saw aquatic and land animals, and finally ended in the air-conditioned eatery to sit and chat for a bit more before heading home. I can’t wait until the girls are old enough to really check out and get excited about the animals. As it turns out, we met during their naptime so they slept pretty much the entire time. I was worried we might have tired fussing, but it turned out so perfectly!

And in the wake of that park confidence-shaker, this really helped to boost my confidence back up again. I almost (almost!) even tried to run by Target on the way home to grab a quick item I’ve been needing……but I’m not that confident yet and we were approaching meal-time so I headed home instead of pushing my luck.

This puts me in a good place though, which is great since TOMORROW is our first real trip with the girls – one that requires flying! I’m still VERY nervous to fly with the girls (even though Chris will be there too). I’m worried karma is going to bite since I’d always been the one trying to avoid babies on airplanes in the past. Hopefully the girls do well. It’s a single, direct flight so that certainly helps. But, if not, we have stocked up on candy (leftover Halloween candy = perfect!) and earplugs. If we start to have a meltdown on the plane the plan is to pass out candy and earplugs to all the neighboring passengers. Earplugs for the noise and candy just for that extra something sweet to appease them so they know we’re really trying. Crossing my fingers it won’t be a full flight so we can have a little extra space!!! I’ll keep you updated!

Random Photo:

Doesn’t Brooke (on the left) look so much smaller than Bailey? Would you believe that at their last dr’s appt their heads measured EXACTLY the same size??? Bailey’s looks so much larger!?! Optical illusion somehow??

Oh, and the girls are now in the 10lb range! (Brooke = 10, Bailey = 10.5). First percentile in weight, 20th percentile in head circumference. They’ve got their daddy’s noggin! : )