It really seemed like we pressed some sort of invisible “Pause” button on the remote control of life as soon as we had Brooke and Bailey. Aside from the bare essentials, we really didn’t engage in any other activities. Here’s what our lives have looked like as we’ve slowly started adding back in regular activities:

Month 1:

No activities. Going to the NICU. Maybe 5 hours of work per week (for Ashley – Chris had to start working sooner than me). That’s it.

Month 2:

A couple trips to the grocery store. Started venturing to breastfeeding class on occasion (no other outings at all).

Month 3:

Resumed regular household cleaning and grocery trips. Started working 2-3 days per week. Girls’ first trip to the park!

Month 4:

Resumed normal grooming habits (i.e., hair cuts). First travel experience (coming next week!)

It’s amazing because this whole time we have constantly felt soooooo busy! There are many days where as soon as we put the girls down to bed Chris and I just look at each other, absolutely exhausted, and collapse into our own bed (even at 8:30pm….yes. Sometimes we go to sleep in the 8’oclock hour). It feels like we can not possibly fit anything more into our daily schedule. And then we do. This whole time, in a way, life has been “paused” as we’ve tried to find our groove with the girls. But 3 months is about the maximum amount of time that your entire life can just be on hold. Eventually you’ve got to start living again. We’re traveling to Texas next week because I’m a bridesmaid for a friend and her wedding is coming up. And all the holiday festivities are starting – lots of dinners and parties and associated family activities. All the normal stuff that makes life fun. All things we haven’t been doing the past few months.

So as we venture forward in adding activities back into our routines and trying to keep juggling all the balls in the air – wish us luck!