Has it really only been 4 months?

And….has it really been 4 months already??
It’s weird how time feels like its flying by…and yet it feels like the babies have always been here!

New this month:

  • The girls are really developing individual personalities. It’s amazing how similar and yet different they are! Brooke is still very cuddly and sweet, but she makes the most adorable pouty face (sticking her bottom lip waaaaay out) when she’s upset. Bailey has the biggest smiles and is such a happy baby, but when she’s mad she’ll wail at the top of her lungs!
  • They’ve started laughing, though it’s more of a giggle. We’re still waiting on the adorable belly-laughs!
  • They’re using their hands more. They’re batting at toys rather than flailing aimlessly. We’ve yet to really start grasping at things, but I can tell its just around the corner!
  • We have lots and lots of conversations! Babbling and cooing is pretty much non-stop when they’re awake. It’s so fun to have little chats all day long. I’ll ask Bailey, “What color do you like better, blue or green?” Then I’ll listen as she babbles and ask Brooke to weigh in, “Brooke – your sister likes blue best, what do you think?” So far I’ve discovered that Brooke prefers the moon over the stars and snowmen over snow angels. Bailey likes the beach more than the mountains and singing more than dancing. : )
  • They’re getting a lot stronger! They can sit up with assistance – we’ve just started using the bumbo chair for short periods of time – and they are getting much better at holding their heads up with control for longer periods of time both when being held and when doing tummy time.
  • They’re getting so big! At their last weigh-in (last Wednesday), Brooke weighed 9 lb. and Bailey weighed 9 lb. 9 oz. They’ve officially outgrown their “newborn” sized clothes and are comfortably in 0-3 month clothes. I realize that’s still very small (considering they’re now 4 months old!), but it feels like they’re so big now! I can’t believe my little babies aren’t “newborn” anymore!!! Tear!

Current Likes and Dislikes:

A lot of their likes and dislikes are the same as last time. Here are a few new/different ones:

  • Like playing with and looking at their toys. This month they really seem to “get” the concept of toys. Before they could take ’em or leave ’em. Now they seem to actually be entertained by their toys and when they play on their play mat they’ll laugh and hit at their toys and just have a great time!
  • Dislike car rides! It’s very unfortunate because they used to enjoy long car trips and now its hard for me to make it to our breastfeeding group (which is about 20-25 minutes away). We’ve even had to give up on errands and just turn around and go home sometimes.
  • Like Rocky. The girls have started to notice Rocky and really be interested in him. They look at him and smile or laugh – big grins always on their faces! Rocky on the other hand, still could not care less about the girls.
  • Dislike having their nails trimmed. It used to be so easy to trim their nails really quickly, but now if they’re awake they’re so squirmy that its difficult to do! It doesn’t help that trimming nails is boring, so they fuss if they’re forced to give up their hand long enough to do a careful trimming.
  • Like naps! So glad that our sleep training has been a success (on most days, at least! They have their not-so-good days, too)
  • Like books/story time! Hooray!!! It made me so sad that they seemed to hate me reading to them earlier on! But now they seem to understand that I’m telling a story (even if they don’t yet understand the story). They look as I point at pictures and seem interested in the various colors and pictures.

guess who picked the outfits? : )