As is often the case, after a particularly rough spell, the girls will give us a few great days in a row. Saturday and Sunday = ROUGH. Monday and Tuesday = Heaven! The girls have been super sweet, smiley, and playful! To celebrate the good times, I want to have a picture post of some of my favorite shots of the girls from the past couple of weeks. They just keep getting cuter and cuter!

Bailey is “straight-chillin” and Brooke is raising her hand to ask a question : )

See? Rocky does hang out with the girls sometimes! Haha, just kidding! This picture was completely posed!

Beautiful Brooke! She’s such a cuddly sweetheart!

Bailey is adorable, too! She’s just much more rambunctious than Brooke!

The whole fam when Grandpa King (my Dad) came to visit!

Brooke (left) and Bailey smiling and chatting up a storm!

Does this baby look JUST like Chris, or what?! (Bailey)

Uh-oh! Meltdown Mode! (Brooke)

Babies love their pacifiers!

Working on sitting up.

Happy Babies!!!

Love my girls!!!