I recently read an absolutely fabulous article (read it here).

The gist of it essentially that, as Moms (new Moms in particular), we often don’t feel our best. We’re covered in spit-up or poop, we don’t fit into our “cute” clothes, our hair isn’t done, our clothes are wrinkled and we feel frumpy.

Even so – it’s important for us to continue to “get in the picture” with our children. Once they’re grown, our children should be able to look back and see pictures of us together – not just of them by themselves!

I’ve often found myself avoiding pictures.

I’m not wearing makeup. I’m still in pajamas. My hair is in a rat-nest on my head. Etc. Etc. Etc.

But, in an effort to “stay in the picture,” I’ve allowed myself to be photographed *gasp* not at my best.

Here are some of the shots that I’d like to share. It may not be pretty, but it’s real! : )

Feeding two at once. You learn to utilize other body parts besides your hands.

Baby-carrying around the house. Bailey loves the motion – it puts her right to sleep. Brooke…..not-so-much.

early smiles with Bailey

I know this unfortunate photo makes it appear that I’m grabbing my own boob, but I’m actually holding a bottle. : )

baby-carrying 2 at once. Just trying it out….not as easy as I’d hoped so I still stick mostly to one at a time.