I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile and just kept forgetting or putting it off.

If you know anything about our little family, you know that Rocky (our dog) had been our baby for an entire 7 years prior to the girls’ arrival. We have been through everything with Rocky! When we first got him I had barely turned 21 and he was a tiny puppy. In a lot of ways we grew up together. I taught him to sit and stay. He taught me responsibility.

The three of us (myself, Chris and Rocky) have been on vacations together, moved countless time, living in 3 states in different parts of the country, gone camping and to various lakes and beaches. Weekends revolved around dog parks and playing fetch and weekdays often included a morning run with me.

He was my world – could turn a terrible day around with just a wag of his tail and a lick of his tongue. He’s been there for me in good times and bad. Helping me find happiness when my grandparents died or I was lonely and homesick or I was stressed out from work.

In my pre-pregnancy days I had often thought to myself, “How could I possibly love any child more than I already love this dog?

……and then Brooke and Bailey came along.

It’s a strange thing that happens when your fur-baby suddenly takes a backseat to your real baby. It’s not that I love him any less – I certainly don’t! – it’s just that somehow he seems so self-sufficient now in comparison to our little ones and the babies simply require more time and attention so I am left with less of each for him.

I often feel bad about it – like he’s being neglected. But he’s fallen slightly on my priority list. That’s just the way it has to be for now. But he’s still very much a part of the family!

The big question I always get is:  How does Rocky do with the girls?

And the truth is……he couldn’t care less about them! Really.

He’s always been quite independent. When we take him to dog parks all he cares about is playing fetch. Not-so-much with meeting and playing with other dogs. That’s a blue heeler trait which is very much part of his personality. He’s not mean, he’s just indifferent.

So it was really no different when we brought the girls home. It took days for him to even acknowledge them and, even when he would, it was only at Chris’ or my prompting. Eventually he gave a little “kiss” to Bailey on her foot. Even so – I believe the kiss was more to please Chris and me rather than to express any affection toward her.

At this point, he’s realizes that his place in our family is now different – that their needs are higher priority than his. He’s been patient with the transitions. Instead of pawing and barking repeatedly at the door to be let out, he’ll wait until we’re done feeding the girls. I think he appreciates that he still gets to sleep in the bed with us and that he can continue to sleep even when I have to wake up to tend to the babies.

And I still try to make him feel special in little ways – a quick car trip to the bank or a morning run with me while Chris is with the girls, etc. He still gets plenty of attention and he is well cared for.

Am I hoping that he grows to love the girls? Yes – of course!!! I hope that he will protect them as he would Chris or myself. But right now its enough for him to keep his distance and do his own thing. And we still get our snuggle sessions in the morning…..at least on mornings when we wake up before the babies. : )