So apparently I am no good at monthly updates since the babies have been born (even though I was pretty good at my biweekly updates while pregnant!!!)

First, I forgot to include likes and dislikes in the 3 month update.

Second, I realized any monthly update picture should probably include some type of object so you can compare the babies size and growth to the object (e.g., a sign saying how old they are, a teddy bear, etc.)

Third, Chris pointed out that 12 weeks is NOT the same as “3 months” (or else there would be 13 months a year rather than 12)! Therefore, when I wrote the 3 month update post the girls were not officially 3 months old yet. Not until September 25th, which is officially 3 months after their birth.

And, lastly, should I even point out that my very first monthly update didn’t even happen until the girls were, well….3 months old?! What  happened to months 1 and 2? Month 1 was spent in the NICU and I guess Month 2 just flew by in a daze. But here we are 3 months old, and I will try to be better about updating on a monthly basis.

In the mean time, you can check out the posts I’d written for their 3 month update and their likes and dislikes by clicking the links above. And for a “true” 3 month photo update, here you go. Enjoy! : )

I’m sooooooo mad at myself for not taking 1 and 2 month pictures of the girls! I swear they were probably the same size as the bears when they first came home from the NICU because they’ve already grown so much!!! At any rate, I’ll be better about the upcoming monthly photos and you can continue to watch them grow.

Bailey, left; Brooke, right

little babies! no idea what they were looking at!?!