We had been looking for a babysitter for about a month. At first I was procrastinating a little and only half-heartedly looking. I really hated the idea of leaving my babies and hated having to leave them with a stranger even more! This is one of the things that really sucks about not living close to any friends or family. We have absolutely no network of people who could be potential babysitters!

But when school started back in mid-August I really ramped up my search. After a few unsuccessful sitter-searches, we finally found a couple that we like! I had wanted to try a couple different people – if we liked them both then we’d have a couple of people we could call on when we needed help.

And so far, so good!

Having babies is hard. Some days I feel like Super Mom! Some days….not so much. One of the hardest parts, in my opinion, is how relentless it all is. It never stops. You finally get a chance to pick up a little, do the dishes and fold the laundry, and as soon as you try to sit down (or take a shower; or go to sleep)….a baby cries. Having two can be twice as hard. Its miserable when both babies are fussy and crying and I have to keep going back and forth between the two, trying (unsuccessfully) to comfort and calm them. Having two arms is not enough!

As weird as it sounds, having a babysitter while I go to work for a bit actually feels like a break! I don’t feel guilty like I do when I leave Chris alone with the girls because I know we’re paying the babysitter well and when I leave Chris alone I feel bad knowing that he hasn’t gotten a break, either. So although I’m not gone long (typically only 3-4 hours at a time), it’s pretty nice to have someone I trust watching the babies and to come home to happy, healthy, and full babies.

And as difficult as it was to find someone, I feel good about the people we’ve had babysit. They’re highly qualified and definitely “baby-people” and I hope to keep having them watch the girls for as long as we stay in Tucson.