After I published yesterdays post, I realized  I really should have included a section on the girls’ “likes and dislikes.” Rather than hastily add something to the end, I decided I’d just write a new post. With future monthly updates I’ll try to remember to do a likes and dislikes section.

Right now the girls’ personalities are pretty similar. The only big difference to emerge yet is that Bailey is bit more impatient and demanding than Brooke. She can literally go from dead of sleep to screaming  in half a second if she wakes up hungry. Brooke tends to  be a little bit more relaxed in her personality. If there are other specific differences I’ll make note of them below:


  • Footed pajamas
  • Playing with Dad
  • Being cuddled/held
  • Baths – especially getting their hair washed!
  • Being swaddled
  • “Talking” (they’ve started vocalizing more, so they’ll make baby noises and I repeat it back to them and we have a little baby-talk conversation like that)
  • Having their hair brushed
  • Passing gas. They often do what we call the “Toot and Cute” – when they’re smiling and being super sweet and adorable and then they just let it rip!
  • Each other. When I put them down at night I often leave a foot gap between them. But whenever I come back to check on them they’ve invariably scooted closer to each other until they’re touching. Always.
  • Long walks and car rides





  • Story time (breaks my heart! Perhaps they’ll grow into it?? I think they’re just bored by it now)
  • Having my hair in their face (Bailey in particular hates this. Brooke seems indifferent)
  • Having shirts/onsies pulled on over their head (again – Bailey hates having her face covered)
  • Bright light of any kind (e.g., sunlight, camera flash, etc.)
  • Having to wait for food (even waiting for 1 minute must feel like an eternity to them because they haaaaate it!)
  • Being put into their carseats. After they’re strapped in they’re fine, but they hate the strapping process.

That’s really it! Lots more “likes” than “dislikes” – they’re generally pretty happy babies!