I can hardly believe that the babies are already 3 months old and that they’ve been home from the NICU for 2 full months! It’s so fun to see their development over the weeks and I’m amazed by how far they’ve come! I actually know a hand-full of people who have babies that are just a week or two older than mine and its hard for me to not compare my girls’ progress with that of these other babies. I have to just remind myself that a full-term baby is VERY different developmentally than my preemie babies. And that’s okay – we’re still making plenty of progress!

New this month…

  • The girls havebegun to look at me and smile! It’s pretty much the best thing in the world when they wake up from a nap, look at my face, and bare that big gummy smile at me! Melts my heart!
  • Relatedly, Bailey and I have even had some reciprocal interactions! I’d smile at her and she’d smile back, I’d open my mouth wide in a big “surprised” face and she’d do the same, I’d stick my tongue out at her and she’d stick hers out at me, etc. Sooooo much fun to get to play with her like that! This is a brand new development, so I’m sure Brooke will be doing the same thing any day now!

Bailey making a silly-face!

  • We’re getting very strong necks! We’ve been doing lots of tummy-time and it’s paying off! Sometimes the girls get frustrated with trying to lift their big heads – they’ll bury their feet in the ground and end up pushing their bums up into the air while grunting – but they’re getting it! They can lift their heads at about a 45 degree angle for a couple seconds when they’re on their tummies. But although tummy-time is definitely a work out for them, they seem to really enjoy trying to control their head a little better when Mom and Dad are holding them! They pull their heads away from our body and look around at everything. They’re really good at it when we’re holding them upright!


Brooke trying to lift her head

  • They’ve also just barely started looking at/noticing objects. Previously it seemed like they mostly looked at light/dark patterns – like where the sunshine shone in the window and onto the wall. But just this past week they’ve started really checking out the toys on their play mat and batting at the hanging toys with their hands.
  • They’re getting so big! We’re now completely done with preemie clothes and have outgrown many of our newborn clothes. It depends on the cut and style of the outfit, but we’re about about 50-50 wearing newborn vs. wearing 0-3 month clothes. And last time they were weighed (this past Wednesday) Brooke weighed 7 lb. 4 oz, and Bailey weighed 7 lb. 7 oz.


  • They’re still eating about 6 times a day (every 3-4ish hours), approximately 3 oz. (90 mL) at each meal (give-or-take 15 mL).
  • We’ve just started trying to incorporate a sleep routine. Up until this point I’ve followed the girls’ lead and our schedule has predominantly revolved around their eating times. But after reading several sleep-related books and articles I’ve formed a schedule that I think is working for us that incorporates some themes from many different programs. Its still a brand-new thing, but they slept for their longest stretch yet just last night. Fingers crossed the pattern continues!

Happy 3-months, baby girls!!!