We’ve had a tough day today.

It all began at about 3am. Thats pretty early to start the day, doncha think?

Brooke would not.stop.crying.

It wasn’t “something’s-seriously-wrong” screaming. More of “I’m-uncomfortable-and-don’t-know-what-to-do” crying. I think she’s constipated. She hasn’t pooped for 3 days and although the pediatrician said that’s fine and totally normal for a breast-fed baby, she’s showing lots of signs that she may be hurting and/or uncomfortable. Poor thing, bless her heart.

Thank GOODNESS Chris has been home with me today. It’s definitely been a 2-adult type of day. Brooke is requiring constant soothing and although Bailey seems to be doing fine, she still needs love, attention, and food. All of which would be difficult to do alone since Brooke is refusing to let us put her down for more than .5 seconds.

It’s weird – Chris and I were talking about our thoughts and expectations of parenthood. I know I’m still working on finishing up my degree, but for all intents & purposes I’m basically a stay-at-home Mom at this point of my life. I always thought as a stay-at-home parent that I’d be totally on top of all household duties. The house would always be clean, laundry done, dinner ready, etc. The kids would be clean and happy and I’d be presentable and I’d still have time for some scrapbooking and gardening.

And yet Chris and I sat, each holding a baby, at 1pm and realized neither of us had gotten dressed today. I hadn’t brushed my hair or my teeth, taken a shower or done a load of laundry. The floor needs to be swept, the dog needs to be washed, and I haven’t even began to think about making lunch, much less dinner! How is is possible that TWO adults could let a couple babies get the better of them? I’m sure sleep deprivation plays a role.

At any rate, there are far more good days than bad and we are lucky to have great babies. Even so – today was a tough day! Makes me worried about what things will be like when the babies are actually ill (they’ve never been sick…knock on wood!)

In the meantime, we’re just taking it a day at the time – taking the good with the bad – and being grateful for our little blessings!