Did you miss my first post on “Body After Babies“? You can check it out here. I wanted to give you all a little update on how I’ve been doing.

Overall I’ve been enjoying much more energy than I had while I was pregnant. Of course, most of that energy is funneled into caring for babies and not necessarily exercising. The doctor cleared me for exercise at 6 weeks postpartum, but told me to start with low-intensity activities (e.g., walking). I kept imagining myself walking the babies around in the stroller, but just because I envisioned walks in the cool morning/evening hours doesn’t mean I could will it to happen. In actuality, the temps haven’t dropped below the 90s for months and have generally hovered closer to 100+ degrees. With that kind of heat I had NO desire to take the babies out and I don’t like the idea of newborn infants being in that kind of heat anyway. Hopefully soon we can get underway with that plan. Fall should be approaching (any day now, Fall!!!)

Instead, I’ve mixed in a couple of different exercise routines. First, I’ve started going on short runs with Rocky on mornings when Chris is home with the girls. I know running isn’t “low-impact” like the doctor suggested, but I’ve always listened closely to my body. And, honestly, it feels good to run! I’m hoping to maybe sign up for a 5K race in October or November (we’ll see…).

I’ve also tried to mix in some workout videos that I can do indoors while the girls are napping. Remember how I tried to do this during pregnancy, too? I love the library because I’ve got workout videos galore available for free at my fingertips! And you know what I’ve discovered? My low-intensity Yoga for Beginners DVD is more challenging than running!!! I think it’s because it incorporates so many planks, which really target the abdominal muscles. I’m not sure that I’m ready for heavy ab-work yet. I can feel lots of soreness internally when I work my abs. Here’s where LISTENING TO MY BODY really comes into play. The dr. said to do low-intensity exercises but didn’t distinguish between different types! Having a c-section is major surgery! Although from the outside it looks like its completely healed, the fact that I can feel internal soreness makes me think that it’s wise NOT to push myself with any rigorous ab work just yet. And yet running (which uses very little ab-strength) feels great! Even though it’s higher intensity. So there ya go.

I’ve also tried to incorporate little bursts of exercise throughout my day – like doing some walking lunges around the house and lifting small hand-weights (8 lbs) to try to regain some muscle definition in my arms. Not following any real training plan or anything, just doing what I can to try to tone back up at a reasonable pace. A friend from school said regarding the weight-loss “9 months on, 9 months off.” I like this low-pressure approach. OF COURSE I want to get back into pre-pregnancy shape, but my main focus right now is on taking care of my little girls! Plus I’m dissertating! I’m trying to graduate in May! So my “spare” time is largely devoted to working on that. I’m glad to fit in the little bit of exercise that I can without making it a huge focus of my life right now.

That being said, here are my stats:

2 weeks postpartum = down 17 lbs

4 weeks postpartum = down 24 lbs

6 weeks postpartum = down 26 lbs

12 weeks postpartum 

look! i’m actually wearing jeans again!!

Down 29 lbs.

Progress has been slow and steady, which I’m perfectly happy with. I’m still breastfeeding so I always feel hungry (moreso than when I was preggers!) – a crash diet and/or cutting calories is not possible (not that I’d want to crash diet anyway!!!) Instead, I’m focused on eating healthy foods and trying to move my body more. I’m also a firm believer that if the weight comes off slowly its more likely to stay off. So there it is.

I plan to keep giving sporadic updates as the post-babies weight-loss process continues!