You know the saying, “There’s no use crying over spilled milk”? It surely had to refer to breast milk! Why else would people ever cry over milk? But spilled breast milk? Thats like liquid gold being poured down a drain. I can see why people might cry over that.

And in fact, I spilled my largest quantity of the “liquid gold” just today. : (

Previously I’ve spilled milk exactly twice. Both times I spilled a single 2 oz container. This time…..I spilled an entire 9 oz container. Mucho sad face! But one of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard in reference to milk came from that breast feeding book I reviewed. The authors wrote that even if you have spilled milk, or accidentally left it unrefrigerated too long, or wasted milk in some other way, its important not to beat yourself up over it. Instead of focusing on the spilled milk and being sad (which is easy to do….pumping breast milk is NOT FUN and can take a long time. The stuff is precious and you don’t want to waste it!!!), its much easier to handle if you look at the situation another way. That pumped breast milk helps keep your supply up. If it was never pumped, your body wouldn’t have the same “demand” and, therefore, may not create the same “supply.” In other words….think of it as an investment in future breast milk production rather than the wasted few ounces that spilled on the counter.

And a word on pumping…

Pumping sucks. I spend about 3 hours a day pumping (that’s six 30-minute sessions…one after each of the girls’ meals). So why do I do it? Well, surely you’ve heard many of the benefits of breast-feeding (or just feeding breast milk in general – even if its pumped breast milk). But did you know that the benefits are significantly larger for premature babies? Studies have shown that although “breast is best” for all infants – it could be especially important for premature infants like my girls. Why not give them every advantage that I can? As much as it sucks, it will only last for a short while compared to their total lifespan and the benefits will persist long after my pumping days are over.