Since the girls have been born we’ve been living in a weird time-warp! On one hand, I can not believe they are already 2 months old!! On the other hand, it feels like we’ve had them forever. Chris and I have talked about how this has felt like the longest summer of our lives!

But time marches on, and yesterday was the day we had to take our little angel-babies to have a checkup…..and get vaccinated. : (

This is Brooke before the big event. She’d been so comfy in her PJs in her Daddy’s arms and had no idea what was coming!

I was so glad that Chris was able to come with me to the appointment. As much as I love our pediatrician, I was not looking forward to this visit!

After the normal check-up stuff (height: Bailey = 19.75 inches, Brooke = 19.25 inches; weight: Bailey = 6 lb. 12 oz, Brooke = 6 lb. 8 oz) we talked a bit about development. The doctor said that we should continue thinking about the girls’ development in terms of their adjusted age. Since their due date was August 17th, their adjusted age is only 12 days old! That’s one of the difficult things about having premature babies because by 2 months of age generally babies are looking at you, smiling, and responding to your face. That’s a big “pay-off” for all the work parents put in! But for us that’s just not happening yet. Although the girls are a bit ahead of full-term 12 day olds, they’re certainly not near the development of 2 month olds. Apparently it can take up to two full years before they catch up with all the developmental stuff.

Next, the doctor left and sent the nurse in to do the immunizations. We had to have 3 needle pricks plus an oral vaccine for each girl. The nurse gave us the option to hold the girls while they got their shots or to put them down on the table and have them done. We started with Brooke, whom Chris was holding, and decided to just keep holding her rather than put her down. Poor little Brooke SCREAMED when she was stuck and I couldn’t help but well up with tears. The nurse then turned to come do Bailey (whom I was holding), but when she looked at my face she asked if I’d rather set her down so I didn’t have to see it. Luckily my rock (Chris) stepped up and asked if I’d like to switch babies. I took Brooke to comfort and soothe her and Chris took Bailey for her shots. While Bailey started screaming I busied myself trying to tend to Brooke. I gave her a pacifier, started rocking her in my arms, and let her have some of the prepared (breast milk) bottle we’d brought to the appointment for this very reason. She calmed down soon enough and I was able to repeat the process with Bailey.

We took the girls home and although they were a little fussy, their reaction wasn’t too bad (though I’ve heard 4 month and 6 month shots are much worse). Really the only difference in their behavior was that they seemed to feel a little icky and got very cuddly – wanting to be held non-stop. I was happy to oblige : )

By the evening they were mostly back to their normal, happy selves. Here’s Bailey. You can see the bandaids on her legs from where the shots were. She’s got Tweety on her band aids!

So we all survived our first round of vaccinations (we’d delayed giving the Hep B shot from the hospital, so these were their first shots)! I think it ended up being harder on me than the girls, though I’m sure they have some residual soreness. Hopefully they’ll be completely fine within another day or so. And hopefully I can make it through the 4 month shots when those come around! : /