I’m by myself with Brooke and Bailey for most of the time since Chris works during the day and lately they’ve started staying awake a bit longer after eating. It’s great because we love to play together, but sometimes it can be a little hard, too.

The other day I really needed to make some dinner (3 hours after normal dinner-time) and Bailey would not let me put her down after eating. She would cry and fuss unless she was being held. So I busted out the Moby Wrap!!!She seemed to like it! Settled down and got sleepy eyes. Soon she fell fast asleep and I was able to transfer her to the pack n play.

It can also be tough when both babies are hungry at the same time. Here I am during a solo feed.

Bailey (in the bouncer in background) had just finished her bottle and Brooke was working on hers. I was holding Brooke with my arms, balancing her bottle against my chest to hold it upright, and bouncing Bailey in her chair with my foot (the thing is supposed to bounce on its own but its out of batteries).

Sometimes the girls are content without being held, but they just want to look around and see what’s going on. They’re too small to “sit” in the Boppy pillow, but I’ve got these mini Boppy pillows that work great! I laid a blanket on top of our rug on the floor in the dining room, put the green leaf-mat on top and propped Brooke in her mini-Boppy while I cooked some lunch. I was talking to her and telling her what I was doing as if I were giving her private cooking lessons. Maybe she’ll be my little sous chef soon!

But, of course, I’m not by myself all the time. Chris has actually really stepped up to the plate and been such a big help! I could not do it without him and I’m so impressed by how great he is with the girls! A wonderful father already!

….even if he does fall asleep on the job sometimes. : )