My Mom came to visit last week. It was nice to have an extra set of hands, and it to have a “buffer” as I started back at work/school.

Here are some of the highlights from the week:

We took the girls out!

The whole group (Chris, me, my mom and stepdad) went to a restaurant! First time for the girls! We decided to go at 4pm for “linner” (lunch/dinner) just in case there were any meltdowns – we didn’t want to go at a busy time where we might be disruptive. It worked perfectly. The girls were pretty good, but when they got a bit fussy we had plenty of adults to hold and entertain them while we ate. It would still probably be a bit much for Chris and I by ourselves, but worked well with the extra hands.

We Went Swimming!

While here, my Mom and stepdad volunteered to babysit the girls for a night so Chris and I could go out together (first time since the girls have been home). We made a whole afternoon of it! We started off swimming at their hotel (while they watched the girls back at our house). Then we came home to shower/change and we went to dinner and a movie. It was fun to get out for a bit, but we missed our girls!

We gave baths!

Giving baths is still a bit of an ordeal. I almost never attempt them alone because they want to eat IMMEDIATELY after a bath, so giving both girls a bath in-a-row is difficult if there’s not a second person to start feeding them as soon as the first girl is done. So while my Mom was here we got to bathe the girls during the day, rather than waiting until the evening when Chris is home. I have so many cute bath shots, but don’t want to post pics of the girls “bits & pieces” and I don’t know how to edit them to add stars (or whatever), so these are the only pics I’ll share  here. : )

We held babies!!

Look how big his hands are compared to little Brooke’s body! Crazy!

Good times were had by all!