How is it that some days I feel on top of it all and other days I’m a complete hot-mess?!

How sometimes I can wake up after 4 hours of sleep and feel like a new woman! And sometimes I can sleep for 6 hours and still feel like a total zombie!

I guess we just have to take everything one day at a time.  There’s no telling what tomorrow will be like until we get there.

Makes it difficult to make plans in the future.

So, instead, we’ve been mostly living in the moment! And this week the moments have been (mostly) good! I’ve actually gone on TWO runs with Rocky! They were definitely short, but were much needed (both for me and for Rocky)!


Look, I can finally see my toes again!

And on one of the more “mild” days recently (you know – a day below 100*), we took the girls on a little pre-dusk walk in their stroller.

Looking forward to doing this more often as the days begin to cool down (which will hopefully happen soon!!!???)

And I’ve been getting lots of sweet texts and e-mails asking about my first week back at school/work. The short answer is that it has been….tough. Very tough. And that is while my Mom was in town to help and I only went in for a couple hours at a  time. The main thing is that I’ve been trying to work it so that I can go into school 1 day a week for a full day (9-5) and work from home the remainder of the time. I’m just not sure if that plan is going to be feasible – I ended up having to go in 3 times this week. So now I’m re-thinking the possibility of perhaps going in on 2 different days for 4 hours each time. But of course, we still don’t have a babysitter/nanny lined up so who knows what will happen. (Muy stressful!)

I just keep reminding myself that this can be done. Other people have done it and they have survived. We can do it. And we will survive. And hopefully even thrive a little.  : )