Cluster feeds can kiss my butt. Seriously. I hate them.

Are you familiar with cluster-feeding? This is a time when baby is eating more frequently – sometimes continually and sometimes spaced about 30-45 minutes apart – and coincides with a general period of fussiness. (Source, source). Apparently this period of fussiness generally occurs in the evening hours (e.g., 7-11pm). MUST BE NICE!!!! For us it typically occurs in the middle of the night, from about 12-4am.

Here’s what it looks like:

-I feed Baby #1 and put her down

-I feed Baby #2…..Baby #1 starts crying/fussing

-I put down Baby #2 and start feeding Baby #1 again….Baby #2 starts crying

-I put down Baby #1 and start feeding Baby #2 again…Baby #1 starts crying


Sometimes I’ll literally be feeding both of them at once. I’ve developed several methods – ranging from holding both of them in various positions to placing them in various positions (e.g., like putting them in their carseats) so I can hold both bottles simultaneously. It’s ridiculous. And exhausting. And emotionally-draining.

But supposedly its most common in newborns and tends to disappear later.

Thank goodness because, like I said, cluster feedings suck big butt. For real.

That is all. Happy Friday! 🙂