Well, school starts back on Monday.

Part of me is excited – I can’t wait for the days to cool down and I love Fall in Arizona! Part of me, however, is a bit terrified.

I’ve been working [part-time] all summer-long (no maternity leave!!), but over the summer things were so laid back. I was 100% able to determine my own schedule and to work exclusively from home. It was still a challenge, but it certainly helped that I had the option to work one week 5 hours and the next week 25 hours if I wanted and/or needed.

Starting next week, things will be changing. I’ll be expected to work 20 hours per week every week….no more variable schedule where I work 5 hours one week and 25 the next. But even scarier – I’ll be expected to go into school at least once or twice per week for meetings, etc.

I’m thinking we’re going to hire a babysitter/nanny to come watch the girls one full weekday per week so I can go into school….still not entirely sure how it will go. I hate to leave my babies with a stranger. Especially since, as preemie babies, they have some special needs. Nothing serious, but I would require any babysitter to be infant CPR/First Aid  certified through the Red Cross, for example. Brooke has actually had 2 choking scares since we’ve had her home. Remember when Chris and I took that infant CPR class? I said it then and I’ll say it again – best money spent ever! The two potentially life-threatening and terrifying situations were resolved within seconds and, although still scary, amounted to no-big-deal (long story short – both choking events occurred when she was jostled immediately after eating and she started to vomit, but asphyxiated on the milk in her throat. The obstructions were cleared within seconds by flipping her over and “slapping” her back, just as taught by the Red Cross class. Now we keep her upright and still for awhile immediately after eating). Sorry – that turned out to be a long side-note….

Anyway, who knows what’s going to happen with that schedule that I just wrote about. I’m sure things will continue to grow and evolve over time, and I’m not sure what will happen on that day per week when the girls are being watched by a sitter.

My Mom is coming to town for next week (first week of the semester) and I’m really looking forward to having a little extra help and to have a “buffer” for this first week back at school. Hopefully she can help me find a good reliable sitter, too. Wish us luck!

-And in other news:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUE-DATE, GIRLS!!!! They’re 8 weeks old on Monday, but today is their official due date! I’m sure the developmental milestones are going to be happening rapidly from here on out. So excited for my babies!!!