If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that I was pretty uncomfortable with all the weight I was gaining while pregnant. I was weighed the day I checked into the hospital, so I know my final pregnancy weight was up 50 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. That’s FIFTY POUNDS. 5-0.

There was nothing I could do about the weight-gain at the time (you can’t diet while pregnant, and I was not supposed to be exercising. Let’s be honest…walking from the car to my office/school building was all the “exercise” I could handle even if I’d wanted to do more!)

But I’m determined to loose the excess weight and I figured that by publicly writing this post it will serve a couple purposes (1) show people what a REAL woman looks like after having babies (not the Hollywood version – by their standards I should be bikini-ready by now) and (2) keep me accountable in my weight-loss progress.

So let’s start from the beginning:

1 week postpartum.

When I was discharged from the hospital (4 days after giving birth) I weighed myself at home. I honestly thought I would have instantly lost 15 pounds. I mean, I birthed 7 lbs. of baby plus who knows how much weight in placenta and amniotic fluid. I was shocked – SHOCKED – when I stepped on the scale to discover I had lost……..4 lbs. Yes. Four.pounds.

Never mind that this is not even physically possible (the babies alone weighed over 7 lbs!!!) At the time I immediately jumped off the scale horrified and resolved to not think or worry about it. Later, I realized my weight was probably artificially inflated since I’d been hooked to an IV receiving fluids for much of my hospital stay.

I didn’t even think about weighing myself again until 2 weeks after giving birth.

2 weeks postpartum.

Down 17 lbs.

I still looked mighty pregnant. I had hoped that I would have lost much more than that in the first two weeks, but I was definitely pleased that the number on the scale was going down. Since I had a C-section I was able to do very little (physically) since the surgery so the shrinking number is probably due mostly to breast-feeding and eating healthier.

4 weeks post-partum.

Down 24 lbs.

I feel like I actually *look* bigger in this picture than the 2-week postpartum picture, but I attribute that to a baggy shirt that adds a bulky look to my body. I still hadn’t been able to exercise at all yet, so I’m again thinking the weight-loss was due to cleaner eats and breastfeeding.

6 weeks postpartum.

Down 26 lbs.

The weight-loss has definitely slowed. A little disconcerting, since I was hoping it would continue to just “fall off” from breastfeeding! I guess the remaining 24 lbs. will have to be lost the good old fashioned way – diet AND exercise.

Speaking of exercise – I had my 6 week doctors’ checkup this week and was finally cleared to start doing some “exercise.” I say it in quotations because the doctor wants me to go very slowly. Remember the whole hemorrhage scare?? Well, it worried them slightly. Although she thinks I’m fine now, my OB warned me to keep “taking it easy” and to not push my body too hard. She wants me to start with just walking and to slowly add in low-impact exercises before adding in high-impact exercise (cue the whining:  But I want to ruuuuuuun!!!!)

I wish it were a little bit cooler, because it would make walking around the neighborhood with the babies in a stroller much more bearable. Right now in Arizona the heat is oppressive and we haven’t ventured out at all, except to go to the pediatrician once a week. But hopefully it should cool off soon (at least in the mornings and evening??) and I’ll be sure to update about my progress. : )