ohmygoodness….taking care of babies is hard!!!

Our girls are amazing! We are truly fortunate not to have some of the problems that so many people deal with. They aren’t colicky, they don’t have allergies, they don’t wake easily, they don’t have health problems, etc. And yet….taking care of babies is no joke.

I never wrote about it, but the week after I found out we were expecting twins (remember that surprise?!), I was still pretty….terrified.freaked-out.worried.scared. I had a doctors’ appointment a few days after the infamous ultrasound and as fate would have it a young woman, mother of twins, was having her 6-week postpartum checkup that day. Chatting with her in the waiting room totally calmed my fears. She was beautiful – had already lost all her pregnancy weight, had perfectly curled and styled hair, had freshly applied makeup, and was wearing “normal” clothes (i.e., not still in pregnancy pants and not looking a-mess). All this at 8:30am.

Seeing how great she looked and how well she handled motherhood really calmed me down. If she could do it, then I could do it too, right?

Fast-forward to now.

I’m 6 weeks post-partum with twins.

And if asked to describe (truthfully) how things are? A bit of a shit-storm. Yes. Excuse my “French.”

This is hard. I mean, HAAAARD!!!

I don’t even know where the time goes! I don’t know how it can take 3 hours to do a single feed. How it takes 2 hours to get out of the house for the pediatrician. I don’t know how the entire day escapes me and I haven’t managed to do something as simple as make a few phone-calls (insurance-related stuff), or to get dressed until 4pm. I seriously have no idea.

I always knew it would be tough, but I figured I’d get into some type of routine and things would calm down. Well, we do have a routine (it’d be impossible without one!), but even so, there doesn’t seem to be time for the most basic tasks. I struggle to get the babies taken care of and sneak in a couple hours of work and I feel like both are getting a bit shafted. I can’t spend the number of hours on work that I wish I could. And although the girls developmental needs are minimal right now, what will I do when they actually require extended periods of sustained attention (in addition to their feeds)? Right now I’m lucky to read a book a day to them. What about when they want to play games? It’s going to be rough.

This post doesn’t have some magic happy ending where everything is suddenly better. I’m writing this because its part of the journey and I want to be honest about it – plus, I feel like non-parents can maybe learn something. I know I certainly didn’t expect that parenthood would be this difficult. And I’m sure other parents can relate. And maybe some parents-to-be can mentally prepare themselves for the road ahead.