Because the girls were in the NICU, the state funds a program that sends a nurse out to our home about once per month to make sure they are developing properly (physically and cognitively). They use “adjusted” age rather than actual age, and since the girls weren’t due until August 17th, their adjusted age is negative 11 days. So all the developmental milestones right now are pretty minor….they’re still supposed to be in utero!!

Anyways, one of the milestones they look for is self-soothing. This is actually something they had been doing even since they were in the NICU – sucking on their fingers/hands to sooth themselves. It typically occurs when they are hungry and I’m in the process of heating up a bottle. I’ve tried to get pictures because its pretty adorable – them munching on their entire fist – but they’ve been pretty uncooperative with the fist-munching photography.

(Edited to add:  I got a picture of Miss Bailey hand-munching!!!)

Anyways, last night I heard Bailey fussing in the crib and I went to check on her. When I walked in I saw probably the cutest thing ever….SISTER-SOOTHING!!!

Instead of munching on her own hand, Baily was mouth deep on BROOKE’S hand!!! I ran to get a camera but as soon as I returned she had stopped. I’m hoping it happens again so I can capture it.

The best part is that Brooke was totally passed out the entire time – completely unfazed by the fact that her hand was being gummed on by her sister. She couldn’t care less. We’re so lucky that they’re very easy that way – one doesn’t wake if the other one cries and, apparently, they’re willing to lend appendages to soothe each others’ hunger cries.   : )

(Edited to add:  Here’s the closest I could come to capturing the whole sister-soothing thing. Not a great shot, but the best I could do.)