Breastfeeding is no joke!

I’ve had many friends have problems with it – often resulting in them seeking out the help of a lactation consultant. I’ve also read enough from the interwebs to know that despite it being a totally natural thing (something you may think is intuitive), it has been a huge struggle for many Moms out there.

Throw in two (premature) babies to the mix.

We are certainly not exempt from the breastfeeding-problems club.

Luckily, I had the (FREE) help of professional lactation consultants the entire time that the girls were in the NICU and I took full advantage. Because the girls were predominantley bottle-fed (fed my breastmilk) and eating from bottles tends to be easier than eating from the breast, the pediatrician has asked me to continue breastfeeding only twice per day (feeding breast milk from bottles the rest of the time), so that the babies don’t expend too much energy and burn too many calories from trying to breastfeed.

This means feeding times (which happen 6-7 times per day) take foooorever. First one baby is fed via bottle; then the next baby is fed via bottle; then I need to pump breastmilk. The whole process takes almost 90 minutes. When I breastfeed it takes even longer – closer to 2 hours (since it takes longer for the babies to breastfeed than it does for them to bottle-feed).

What’s the solution? Feed both babies at once…

…which is exactly what I’ve been attempting the past couple of days.

Let me tell you… is CRAZY!

While my sister was in town she helped me try to figure out the whole breastfeeding-both-babies-at-once thing. I’m certainly no champ at it – I still need help to get the second baby to latch, and I need help once one of them is done. Hopefully eventually I’ll be able to do the entire thing by myself. But the feeling of having two babies breastfeed simultaneously is insane. Since I have a double-breast pump I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but its obviously totally different.

Anyways, I would show you a picture but thats crossing-the-line (even for me!), so you’ll have to just refer to the figure above to see how it can be done. Hopefully we get the hang of it soon, because it drastically reduces the overall time spent feeding. This is invaluable since it feels like most of my day these days is devoted to feeding babies.

It’s worth it though! Sure do love ’em!